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Wedding suit for ~$500

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Hi All,

Looking to get a charcoal suit for around $500.

Current candidates are

- D'Avenza from nymilan on ebay
- Benjamin from ehaberdasher
- Spier & Mackay Model 2 in sharkskin

Don't know much about the quality of each

Comments and/or suggestions from more knowledgeable folks appreciated

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When do you need it by?


I'd avoid the eBayer; probably no real issue, but the potential is there for hassle where you don't have it so much with the other two.


I don't have any experience with eHaberdasher, but I hear good things. With regards to Spier & Mackay, in my experience, their construction is pretty much on par with Suit Supply while the fabrics they use are also generally on par with Suit Supply as well, maybe slightly inferior on average, though occasionally Suit Supply uses very poor fabrics, far worse than anything SM offers.


Suit Supply is also a good option, something like this Lazio:


Very fast shipping and easy returns.


That being said, it would be cool if your purchased from Spier & Mackay (whose prices are CAD) or eHaberdasher, as both are "local" rather than a large chain, and in the end, you really can't go wrong with any of them.

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Awful late to this party but I'll weigh in, the D'Avenza is on a totally different level of quality (up several levels). I think they are a screaming bargain and both of the ebay stores that list them are great to work with.
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