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Kiton for the first time

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i have read about and seen kiton for many years but have neer tried one on..way out of price range for someone whose jacket is immediately removed and hung in office closet for the day..prefer to spend a lot on shirts, ties ,shoes instead..however i must say that i have never felt anything like the kiton i tried on today nor has anything ever fit me so well on first try..i hope that i will not be spoiled going forward one question however..i notice that there is puckering where shoulder meets this a mark of neopolitan tailoring?
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Yes; the Neapolitan hallmark is a incrementally sloped and smaller shoulder. The armhole is set high with a fuller sleeve head, which is then hand-stitched (by being pleated into the armhole, a difficult and time-consuming process). koji
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The puckering where shoulder meets sleeve is the result of hand work. In fact you will also see that on Kiton, Borrelli, Attolini shirts. I personally like the puckering because it is far more comfortable than those done by machine (99% of the product you see nowdays), also the puckering provides a more natural look.
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