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For Sale: High Quality Ties

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
High Quality Ties

Will Ship To: CONUS

Buyers, please have good B&S feedback or be active in the forum. If you have good eBay feedback, give me your eBay info. Prices include first class shipping with tracking.


Many staple ties here. Measurements are approximate. All are tipped.


1. Borrelli Napoli six folds, herringbone silk$65 each



Bronze 3.375 wide (8.5cm) x 59 inches  and slate blue (3.375 x 60 inches).


I had these narrowed from 3.75 inches by Tiecrafters in NYC. They did a very good job, preserving the folds and hitting the exact width requested. They knot fantastically. 


Here are a few fit pics:



The following makes the tie look darker than it is. It's a slate blue (see above pic). Very versatile subtle color.



2. Eidos Napoli four fold brushed cotton glen plaid $55


Good representation of the color:




3.375 x 62 inches. Please note length.


Bought from last summer's collection. A really cool tie. I'm keeping a brown version of this. It's blue and grey with a light olive (I think) overcheck. I'm getting another blue glen plaid by my tie maker. It's long. Antonio, Eidos' designer, makes his ties to be tied with a double FIH. I can make it work with a FIH but with a DFIH, on mid rise trousers (Epaulet Walts), the tip of the blade hits the middle of belt, one inch difference between front and back blade, and length from top of knot to tip of blade is about 20.5 inches. Basically, with DFIH, ties like my 59-60 inch ties.


Here's the DFIH knot excuse the rumpled Kamakura collar (did it quickly...same collar as above)






The material is a soft brushed cotton, almost feels like a challis tie. Wearable in summer and fall.



3. Drake's donegal grenadine $75 (3.25 x 59 inches, really closer to 8.5cm, so a touch wider than a typical Drake's)


Fantastic Drake's for Carson Street. There was a push last year for donegal grenadines, which sounds odd, but I actually like them so I bought this one. The donegal look casualizes the grenadine and the weave has that much more of a rustic feel. Again, this just duplicates a blue tie that I reach for more.during the winter even though I've worn this.



This has a coarser, thicker feel than your standard grenadine. Still, it knots well. It has the casualness of a knit tie but in a grenadine grossa weave. Perfect for cold seasons. 



The right is a Cappelli that is offered in a different post (see my sig).

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Some pics of the Eidos


This is not representative of the color but gives you the whole tie




Fit pic

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Drake's is sold.

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