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Hey Guys, I really need some advice in terms of fitting for my Schott 118 Perfecto. 
I really don’t know if this length is ok for me. I am 6 foot 4 tall and the jacket is a size 40. Ok, the sleeves are too short, but I know someone who is willing to add some length, which seemingly is not a big deal. 
But what about the length of the jacket? Is it just the style, and it has to be that way (and do you think it actually looks ok)? Or do you think on me it looks just stupid;) I know that the perfectos are all the same length, whatever the size. So maybe I should try a 118 Long? But on the other hand the long version doesn't look cool at all - at least on the photos - it just doesn't look „real“. 

Share your thoughts! 
Hope someone can help me:-)