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Corneliani mtm

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Has anyone ordered Corneliani MTM? I know Neiman Marcus offers this, but I was thinking I might get better service and more expertise at the Corneliani shop in NY. I'll probably be up there in the next few weeks. I'm having a hard time finding the exact fabrcx I want (basic charcoal chalkstripe) and figured MTM might have a better fit. Does anyone know the cost difference?
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A couple of years ago, I ordered a Corneliani three-piece MTM from a store here in Burlingame.  (The suit cost a bit more than 2K.)  I found it a well-made garment. I would remind you that made to measure can be no better than the tailor who wields the tape.  And make sure, too, that the cut choices--e.g. arm hole placement--are apprpriate to your body type.  Wouldn't want to end up with bat wings.
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just a thought, you might want to try the Polo store on Madison in NYC. Their MTM department is top notch and the suits are actually made by Corneliani in Italy. They have a sale every spring and fall, I am not sure if its still on. In fact, I ordered a nice gray chalkstripe 3 piece a few weeks ago from said store. Over the years I have ordered probably 7 suits from Polo MTM (corneliani) and have always been totally satisfied. Suits take about 8 weeks, and they have held up remarkably well.
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