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I voted for dark brown but chestnut would be my second choice.
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Originally Posted by kolecho View Post
Both are fabulous colours. I think London tan ages nicer, while chestnut looks just right at the get go. In the end, go with what speaks to you.

Many who polled have probably never seen the colours you are asking about in the flesh. I would trust your own eyes and intuition rather than depend on this poll.

I agree it is very helpful to see the colors in person. I had a briefcase made by SAB and they sent me leather swatches. The chestnus swatch I got has a strong orange tint. The dark london tan has no orange but is rather light. Neither looked like the briefcase at the start of this thread. If I had to choose between swatches I would have gone with dark London tan. In the end I had the briefcase made of dark brown (Havana) and was very happy with the choice. I suspect both the dark London tan and chestnut would develop a nice patine with time but it takes years and years!
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Definitely London tan. I've seen both colors in person at the SAB store, the tan is more stunning and I'd pick London tan over chestnut in a NY minute. I agree with Kolecho, you shouldn't rely on internet pictures or polls from someone who may not have seen them IRL. The London tan will age and darken more beautifully than chestnut.
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I'm not talking strictly about SAB colors but is it true that the SAB staff prefers chestnut as an in-house choice?
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Jil Sander see-through bag! Or else boring black.
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I happen to have that SAB case (actually mine has a square rather than round brass fitting for the lock and clasp) in London tan. I have never been disappointed with it.
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Josepidal: did you finally decide?
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