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Tagging @Murlsquirl in case he hasn't seen the new thread
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woke up for the derby, better be worth it. International break felt like forever.

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I wonder who will be the first big firing of the season ? Can;t help but feel this match will contribute to answering that question. Hopefully the entertainment comes from the field and not pep/jose sideline battles lol
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Would probably be someone from a relegation club, can't imagine anyone in the top 8 or so getting the boot this season

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Easy peasy route one stuff , city dominating so far
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probably gonna be at least 2 substitutions for united before 2nd half. Rooney can't keep the ball for more than 3 seconds, Ibra too slow on the ball for this game, Mikhi is fast but that's it, Lingaard should be playing in the reserves. City's pressing is insane, first goal is classic PL, they seem much more up for it than Utd, Pogba can't assert himself.


edit: okay should probably make those subs before the half.

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Zlatan will always Zlatan. I wonder if Hart is watching this

Edit: Barca make keepers look quite good lol

Edit 2: not sure united really mounted much of an attack except the desperate blitz at the death. scoreline flattered them, fergie shaking his head
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The comeback was mostly Stones and Bravo being liabilities. The supposedly second best passing GK in the world couldn't do a simple dummy. Stones played something like a decent half season with Everton two years ago and is now somehow the most expensive English defender.


Zlatan squandered too many chances for the goal to mean anything. Pretty awful display all around, was especially difficult to stomach fucking Pogba strolling through the pitch at the 80th minute then getting stripped by the right winger.

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I'll be at Wembley this evening to watch Spurs play Monaco, as a neutral, I hasten to add. any suggestions, or predictions, as to the outcome?

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MSN was pure savagery last night.
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So in the last 10min or so, Martial bumps head with a Watford defender while going for header, both stay down for a while. The doctors decide to keep him on after running some "tests." Immediately after Martial loses the ball uncharacteristically from a half tackle/foul near the box and Watford scores off of it. Martial stays down again then eventually starts holding his head while walking off. And now he's subbed off. He clearly should've came off after the first knock. It's unbelievable how backwards the concussion protocol still is in soccer.

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wide open goal miss was cause for examining deeney's head eek.gif
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not surprised to see united struggling. buying pogba for that money was absurd, and playing him in this limited deep role is even nuttier

Paul Pogba's first half by numbers:

72% pass accuracy
0 chances created
0 take-ons
0 interceptions
0 tackles won

Jose Mourinho's last 21 games in the Premier League:

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The money itself is not a big deal but it probably should've been spent on a centre back and different type of midfielder. Fellaini has been playing well but the midfield of Rooney and Pogba just doesn't work. Rooney's lost his touch, speed, finishing and can only run around and put in the occasional decent pass, can't hold the ball at all. Pogba just disappears. Schneiderlin should get more chances after playing well in the Europa game. Mourinho should've figured all this out in preseason.

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Rob Beasley, author of Jose Mourinho Up Close and Personal, alleges he told him: “When Mr Wenger criticises Chelsea and Man United over the deal with Mata… I will find him one day outside a football pitch and I will break his face.”


Mourinho did break Wenger a month later, only it was on the football pitch, with Chelsea beating Arsenal 6-0 at Stamford Bridge to spoil the Frenchman’s 1,000th game as manager.


Things got even worse for the pair in October 2014 when Chelsea beat their London rivals 2-0 but it is best remembered for an angry shoving match between the two managers on the touchline.


On the confrontation, Beasley writes Mourinho said: “I told him, ‘here you do that, you know I can’t react, but one day I will meet you in the street’”.

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