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Advice Needed - Custom Ring

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Hello everyone,


I am getting a custom ring made soon for myself of my Scottish Family Crest. I have the exact design laid out that I want, and I've been going back and forth with a designer for a while now, however I'm killing myself over this one question, and no amount of research will put it at rest, and so I come to you:


Which finger should I get it fitted for?


Seems like a silly question to be worrying over, but I can get obsessive over small details like this.


 Originally I was going to get it fitted for my index finger on my right hand, however it is technically a signet ring as it will have my clan crest on it (it won't be reverse engraved though as I don't plan on stamping any wax seals with it anytime soon), and so I have had lots of people telling me that I should get it fitted for either my pinkie or ring finger!


Essentially I just need some help making up my mind, as this is a very expensive ring and I don't want to make any mistakes.

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A signet ring in the UK would traditionally be worn on your non-dominate hand's pinkie however as with most traditions they vary by location, background and time.


Whilst a wedding set, which is worn on the right hand in several catholic & orthodox christian countries rather than the left as it is in the UK and USA, may raise some questions if its not on the "traditional" finger I think the chances of people asking why you've a signet ring on the "wrong" finger are fairly slim and so just go with the one you like.

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Thanks for the reply!

I read somewhere that in medieval Europe, people of nobility would wear their family rings on their index finger a sign of power, however I'm not too sure how accurate that is.

Honestly I may just get over it and go get it fitted for my index finger!

Thanks for the help.
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