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I'm new to specialist denim. I own 2 pairs of levis and one pair of cKs, and would like to get a pair of nudies. I'm 6 foot 1, and have slim legs. My calves are particularly skinny (14 inches) but my thighs and bum are quite muscular. I like slim jeans and wear a 30/34 in my others. Because I'm spending a lot on the nudie jeans I want them to last and so am thinking about getting a 31/34 or 32/34 to account for growth (I'm a rugby player and work out my legs a lot). I've been looking at a pair of grim tims, and am unsure on how these fit, and if getting them a little too big for me would make them look bad or not fit at all. I like jeans that are slim around my thighs and behind but have some room to allow for creases, and that don't stick to the calfs. Does this sound like grim tim or should i go down to thin finn or lean dean?