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Sid Mashburn

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I decided to do business with Sid Mashburn and I am underwhelmed.

When this started, I had one fully canvassed suit (from a different vendor) that needed tailoring and I had no backup to wear while the work was done. Soooo...

I bought one of Mashburn's suits to give me some depth to get my first suit altered. And, unfortunately, the tailoring (two separate sets of alts just to get it wearable!) didn't really impress me, but I needed to get my first suit altered so it would be more presentable and fit better. Then...I was going to continue letting them tweak their suit, until it was acceptable.

The problem is that when they returned my suit, it was scorched from having been pressed with an iron that was too hot. The lapels and the backs of the sleeves are particularly bad.

When I confronted them, they were not helpful and made no offer to resolve the situation. I explained that they scorched my jacket and the sales clerk responded that he'd never heard of that and their irons are set on the same temp all the time. Hmmm. He also said that they couldn't be certain when the problem occurred...and he just left that hanging in the air.

I left frustrated and a bit let down. On the way home I thought that'd I'd just make due - because I have a life and no time to fight with someone over things like this. Besides, I questioned myself. Had I made a mistake? Could I have caused this? Had I missed something?


When I got home, I looked at the jacket in bright light and found it to be worse than my passing observations had originally noted. And, I knew I hadn't made a mistake or caused this. I'd even left a folded handkerchief in the front pocket and you could see where they'd ironed over it and left a square pressed into the garment. I no longer doubted myself...

For what it's worth, I own a steamer and I maintain my own clothing because cleaners have ruined my stuff previously.

If Sid Mashburn is what they claim to be, the person who worked on my suit knew they scorched it when it happened. Or...if they didn' have to conclude something else much less favorable. Soooo...once more into the breech!

I went back and pressed this point (no pun intended) with a sweeping gesture pointing back to their tailors I said, "I'm certain whoever did this, said 'oh shit!' out loud when it happened." The sales clerk actually said, "They didn't do it, we sent the jacket out."


If this doesn't bother you, at least consider that they previously said that 'their' irons were on the same temp all the time and now they're saying that they weren't even the ones doing the work...

For reference, I needed collar and center seem work and I wanted working buttons: $200+. When I originally got the jacket, they said they couldn't do the buttons and that it would only be $110.

So where am I now? I really liked my jacket. I know it isn't bespoke...and it may be plain blue...and it isn't ultra-trim styling (I'm not ultra-trim). looked smashing on me! Now...not so much. Salt in the wound is that the tailoring of the Mashburn suit is completely uninspiring.

What's at stake here?

1. My suit looks like crap and it has to be replaced.
2. Their suit isn't what I'd want it to be and I'll have to pay someone else for alterations.
3. By refusing to acknowledge the situation, they're calling me a though I've made accusation that is baseless and not their problem.

The first two make me sad and make them incredibly 'common.' But the third leaves me outraged.

Finally, the manager did say, "well...all we can do now is say we're sorry." Then he turned away and walked off.

The sales clerk said, "just tell me what we can do to make this right." Now...I know I'm in the minority, but I refuse to negotiate. I also wonder why they hadn't said this the first time?!? I find the "just tell me what we can do" to be insulting. It is obvious what should be done, but asking me to negotiate it with you is a further insult. It's plebeian. It's an attempt to resolve a situation with an offer that is less than your best. It does not demonstrate fact, I find it excruciatingly saying, "what is the least we could do to resolve the messed up situation we created in the first place?"

Tailoring is everything. For most of us, it is the only thing. If you can't do bespoke (I can't) and you aren't the EXACT shape of the model that the suit was based upon, you must get your garment adjusted to fit you...or it will look like crap.

I do not have to wear a suit...I choose to wear a suit! The value of my choice is diminished by the problem they created.

I hope that this information is useful.
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Also, FWIW, I labor to be, not a good customer, but a great customer. All of these things were purchased within weeks of getting the suit:


(3 Sid and 2 Drakes)

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For reference, this was the Atlanta store.
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Maybe a few additional photos of your suit and the damage might make us better able to provide some advice/comments?

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I appreciate your suggestion! Unfortunately, that is part of the thrust of this post: The main reason I bought into Sid Mashburn was an attempt to gain access to better tailoring. Atlanta does not offer a long list of trusted options...
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Dear Mr. Kiser,


I hope this finds you well.


We aim to exceed expectations, and no doubt this time we've fallen short. I'm so sorry your experience with us was not a great one. Although it was difficult to read, I truly appreciate you taking the time to offer us feedback.


I am very sorry to hear about the damage on your jacket. We are always very willing to look after outside alterations and to hear you have left unhappy is very disappointing. I would really like to see your jacket and see what we can do to resolve this. Additionally, it’s even more disappointing that you are not happy with the alterations on the suit you purchased from us. All your alterations were done in house and our expectations are that everyone walks out with the perfectly tailored suit and this is what we would like for you.  


Your experience was not in line with our service offering, and we're very sorry. We guarantee our products. If you are not well pleased, we’ll make it right. We'd love the opportunity to make things right, starting by taking care of your Mashburn suit. If you'll give us a chance, we'd like to come to you to have it fitted, and deliver it back to you, finished within the week.


Please reach out to me directly at 404-350-7135, or at patrick.oshea@sidmashburn. I hope we have the opportunity to make amends for your first visit.


Kind Regards,


Patrick O’Shea

Store Director

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Good to see this kind of outreach on Sid Mashburn's part.

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I was able to meet with Patrick this morning and I found him to be profession and empathetic. He labored to understand the nature of the problems and exerted real effort to maintain a genuine business relationship with me.

Patrick offered me coffee and took me to meet with one of their tailors. They reviewed my Mashburn suit and accounted for each of the adjustments necessary to improve the fit. When we were done with the pinning, the suit looked stellar! I am truly excited to see it when the changes are complete...

Then, we discussed my suit that they damaged. I got the distinct impression that I could have thrown a tantrum, acted in an undignified manner and...*pop*...out would have come a new suit to replace mine. But, I pride myself on being a gentleman first in all things (Hold your comments, because I care little for how you choose to keep yourself, if you differ from my position). A guy once said, "Why not rather be wronged? Why not rather be cheated?" That resonates in my mind every time I go in for the kill...and I'm defanged. Resolving situations in a mutually beneficial way leads to long term quality relationships...and restful sleep.

I asked that they refund the fee for the alterations and Patrick was uncomfortable by the idea that this hadn't been done already. Finally, the tension evaporated from the situation as he realized I wasn't there to eviscerate him. In an effort to acknowledge the situation and make concession for my position, he asked if I would receive one of their shirts as a sign of good faith...and I did:
CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 90

I recognize that these situations are awkward for everyone involved and I find no pleasure in the pain of others...I am neither an a$$hole nor a sadist. The truth is, stuff always goes wrong. Period. The measure of a man (or a business) is how he (they) handle it and overcome. Patrick rose to the occasion and demonstrated a professionalism in keeping with the image that Sid Mashburn is trying to display.

I am thankful for their effort and I look forward to putting this behind us. I will complete my update when we're done and I will post pictures of the results.
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I love happy endings.

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