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Tailcoat Trouser Suspenders

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Hi everyone,

I have a midnight blue tailcoat with the appropriate rise meaning that it has a very high rise. And because I have a very short torso, I am unable to wear suspenders with the trousers even on the shortest setting. To make the trousers fit better should i have side tabs added to them?
Note: The suspenders are Albert Thurston white moire nickel fittings.

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If the trousers were cut to be worn with suspenders, I think side tabs are a bad idea, the trousers will not flow properly and the whole look will be destroyed. Plus depending of your physique there is a chance the trousers will slowly slide down when you sit. What you can do:

(a) You can buy suspender ("braces") in a small size here.

(b) I suspect that a competent tailor or maybe cobbler would be able to shorten the ones you have. (You need someone who has a sewing machine that can sew leather if you need to shorten the back side as well.

(c) Since no one sees them you can simply cut a piece off from the each of the two front "branches" (use the side not visible from front) and a piece from the back "branch" and then sew each branch back together. This won't look nice, but your corner shop cleaners can do it, and no one will see your suspenders anyway.

(d) Same idea but use some cheapo suspenders, you can buy perfectly good ones for $15 on Amazon. I like my Thurston's too but I don't think they provide any extra functionality.

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What purpose can such an abomination as a "midnight blue tailcoat" tailcoat have. Entirely unsuitable for any formal function unless you conduct the band foregathered: Any Maitre 'de so entirely would simply demonstrate that his establishment was the McDonalds of his trade and not appropriate to be patronised.
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