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The Potential Economic and Time-Saving Benefits of Wool Trousers

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Good day Styleforum,


After much thinking and some very superficial investigation on the matter, I would like to hear the opinion from the more knowledgeable members.


Would you objectively consider wool trousers superior to any other kind of material slacks? Disregarding aesthetics for once.


Take for example my situation. I am a college student working part time in southern US. Hot in the summer, cold in the winter, and dry all year round. Day starts at around 7 am and ends 11 pm. While I don't mind washing my clothes, if I could save the extra dollars it takes to buy detergent, the 10 minutes it takes to set up the washing machine and picking up the clothing, and the hour spent ironing clothing, why not?


My idea is instead of wearing chinos, as I usually do, begin wearing wool trousers. Wear them throughout the season while only brushing, airing and steaming (supposing they don't get stained). In that case, I would only be paying the dry cleaner once every six months (roughly, from what I've read around), steaming is a quick process, and after a long day I can simply hang and brush my pants in a matter of seconds. Call it lazy, but I view it as time efficient.


Would you have any experience of your own on the matter? Thoughts?

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Horses for courses. Also depends on how many pairs in your rotation. I would also hope that you are wearing different kinds of wool trousers in the summer and winter. Generally speaking, though, wool fibers are stronger than cotton; they wick moisture more and are more resistant to perspiration.


If ease of maintenance is what you prioritize, might I suggest the wearing of long johns? Not having pants fabric come into contact with any skin allows you to wear them more times between washes.


I am curious though, do you not do laundry at all once you've switched to wool pants? Not even for socks, shirts, and unmentionables?

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I'm not sure what you mean by "objectively superior disregarding aesthetics." Aesthetics is a huge part of tailored clothing. Starro got right the merits of wool fibers vs. cotton fibers. I'd say that mohair fibers do as well or even better than wool fibers on all those dimensions, and mohair breathes better and wears cooler than wool. But mohair is expensive

The reason why cotton fibers are usually preferred to wool fibers for manual labor or dirty work is that cotton is easier to clean than wool. The reason why wool is the most preferred of all fibers for tailored clothing is that fabrics made of it have the best balance of drape, shape retention, moisture wicking, breathability, crimp, strength, resistance to fraying, cleanability, and affordability compared to all other fabrics .Wool really is the miracle fiber, which we often overlook because it is so ubiquitous.

As starro noted, there are huge differences among different weaves of wool. A fresco weave is very different than a thornproof tweed or a Harris tweed.
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