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Fit on tweed sports jacket

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Hi everyone,


I'm here again asking your advice on the fit of this jacket. Would you say it's an acceptable fit?

I know it's a casual jacket so fit doesn't have to be perfect but I wanted to check first so it's not completely bad. I can still return it if needed.


I think shortening the sleeves to show some cuff would be a good idea maybe?

Perhaps tighten it slightly in the waist?





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The jacket looks okay.  It's a bit large in some areas, but not by a lot (probably 1.2 to a full size, judging solely from the amount of excess through the upper back, and it's much easier to take in a jacket than to let it out.  

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It looks quite good, particularly if - like me - you prefer a more traditional fit, rather than a slimmer, more modern fit.

Other than perhaps very slightly shortening the sleeves (an extremely simple and inexpensive alteration), I'd say you're good to go.

I wouldn't tighten the waist.

I don't care for how it looks with blue jeans, but that's a matter having nothing to do with the fit of the jacket.
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Hi, thanks for your comments.

I'm planning on having a tailor shorten the arms since I like to show some cuff. While I'm having it altered, would it be a good idea to have it slightly taken in at the chest or back?

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