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MATCHVM Bespoke Shirtmaker - Official Affiliate Thread

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Dear Styleforum gentlemen,


My name is Park, co-founder of MATCHVM. I am excited to introduce our quality bespoke shirts here.


MATCHVM (pronounced Match-uhm) is a new online bespoke shirtmaker, but our team consists of tailors and merchandisers with profound experience in classic menswear. Our co-founder operates the best quality factory in Seoul, and we directly control every step of the process from fabric selection to the final stitching.


For the last decade, our factory has manufactured bespoke shirts for the local luxury retailers in Seoul, which sell them at above $300. We wanted to drop down the excessive price without compromising our quality. After spending years on optimizing the process, we now offer you the quality bespoke shirts in an affordable price range with the convenience of the online shopping.




We would like to promise you 3 things with our bespoke service.


1) Made to your fit


Fit is personal. You must get fitted before we draw your final pattern. So on your first purchase, we send you a complimentary try-on fitting shirt based on your size information. Try it and let us know how you want to adjust the fit by answering the questionnaire on our web. Your final shirt will be cut to your fit and the pattern will be saved for your future orders.


2) Quality craftsmanship


From fabrics to threads, we strictly use top quality materials. And our sewing is all completed by passionate craftsmen with up to 30 years of experience. You can see our quality in the below pictures.


3) Reasonable price


Every Matchvm shirt is made in our own factory. No middle man means we can offer you the best possible price without compromising the quality. Our price range may seem slightly expensive compared to regular online custom shirts, but we have no hidden charges. All customization options, monogramming, and shipping charges are included in our shirt price.




For a limited time, we would like to offer a Special 10% Discount to Styleforum members with the code : STYLEFORUM 


Please visit our website


We also have handmade ties and pocket squares from Robert Keyte Silks and Nick Bronson.


We currently ship to customers in the United States only. Our service will open to customers outside the United States soon.




Yours sincerely,





Below are the detail photos of our bespoke shirts.


Split Yoke


MOP buttons with thread shank


Horizontal sixth buttonhole


Cuffs with three pleats


Slim side seams and gussets


Cleanly finished hem


Rotated sleeves



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Welcome to the forum.  Hope that you will have a good stay here.





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Thank you,


If you have any questions regarding our brand, I will be more than happy to answer them here!

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sounds interesting, might give a shot
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Thank you for your interest,


As mentioned above, we offer a free fitting shirt on your first purchase to provide a true bespoke fitting experience.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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Dear customers outside the United States,

Now we are offering FREE worldwide shipping!

Of course, you can still use the Special 10% Discount code :STYLEFORUM 

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