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Advice for shopping in Brussels & Madrid

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Hi All


Short term lurker here who really appreciates the tips/advice lush in this forum!


I am upgrading my wardrobe for a consulting gig and I am looking for classic but fashion-forward pieces to really upgrade  my style. I live in brussels and will spend 10 days during late August in Madrid as part of my vacation; I am looking for advice on shoes, shirts and shoes.



I bought a few pairs of churchs custom grade on deep discount 50%, and I am excited to pick up a pair each of Paul Evans and Carmina shoes. Any other mid-point (300-400) euro shoe maufacturers that I should check out in my backyard or in Madrid? I am way too excited to go check out Carnina already to see their lasts in person


Suits and Shirts:

I am athletic build, 36 in chest 30 waist, looking for slim fit suits and shirts. I would like to check the sale rack, but I am also very keen on bespoke as well, looking for half canvas super 100 wool and two ply cotton respectively. Any recommendation for tailors to check with a good tradeoff on price/quality in brussels or Madrid? Looking for shirts <100 euro and bespoke suit at the ~500 euro price point 


This is my first post here! I am looking forward to any recommendations that fit my descriptions above, and any advice is much appreciated!





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Can't speak on tailors but I would definitely check out both Meermin and Carmina in Madrid. The area where both stores are located has tons of very nice shops so I'm sure you can find a good suit around there as well. Walk around, pick out a few places that look interesting, and research afterwards or post in here.

Let us know how you make out and what you pick up!

- Brovsko
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Thanks for the recommendation! I haven't looked into Meermin yet- I will check out the other threads on them and will for sure let you know how I do
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Bumping this one up- any bespoke tailors or highly regarded mts suits/shirts in my price point in Brx/Mad? Thanks guys
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As for suits, you will need to go significantly higher in order to find a decent bespoke tailor/mtm. 

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I was basing my estimate off of suit supply, which I would guess is on the low end- what would you see as "fair" price for a half canvas, 100's wool 2 button suit?

Maybe I will focus on the shoes and save the bespoke for 2017-2018
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Well thank you so much for the response. I ended up with a pair of wholecut marron oxfords from Carmina, single strap black monk shoes, and country calf boots from Meermin. How did I do?


Next year I will focus on the demi measure suits






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