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Help with Black & white nailshead suit

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I ordered a Black & White Nailshead suit from BB as it is a suit that I do not own and wanted something different in my wardrobe. Problem is that I am a little perplexed as to what to pair with it in regards to dress shirts and ties. Now I know a white dress shirt is the easy option as well as a red or burgundy tie (as seen in the photo) I am looking for something that has more complementary contrast.

Additionally, what season is best to wear the suit in and can I wear something else besides black shoes in regards to Footwear? If you have phtos as a reference it would be nice.
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So as Black and white it tends to have a more gray appearance? I'd go brown shoes then. 

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Keeping it very simple and conservative:

White shirt, black tie or navy tie, black shoes
Light blue shirt, navy tie or burgundy tie, brown shoes.

Grenadine is good for ensuring solid ties have visual interest via texture.
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As per your own photo, from a distance its mid grey and as such you can pair it with almost anything you would a mid grey suit with just a slight consideration to clashing patterns.

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Hey Thanks guys! I was thinking of treating it as a mid grey suit initially however, was not too sure if that was a good route to take. So if it is to be seen as mid gray then I wear it all year around?
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Originally Posted by Alpha11 View Post
So if it is to be seen as mid gray then I wear it all year around?

As a colour yes, the rest depends on the fabric (weight, finish/texture etc) and your location

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Live in the midwest so it can get pretty cool and i do sometines make my way outside. For the most part I am from home to the car and then the office. I will check the weight with my SA however, I am thinking around 9-11 oz.
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In my experience, it's difficult to pair gold/more golden yellow hues with suits without looking more "pimp-esque". But the exception in my humble opinion is with birdseye/nailhead patterns. I've paired my nailhead with a vertical, subdued stripe tie over a white shirt and gold pocket square and think it looks crisp. I've also put it with a gold-striped shirt with banker's collar/cuffs to show a little more of the "limits". I personally think this combination is styled smartly and not excessive, and would be appropriate as business attire - though I'm certain others may disagree.

I would personally go with either gray/gray-black or black shoes. I admittedly don't get the "wear brown shoes with black/white" thing...Guess I'm too old. biggrin.gif

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Just treat it as grey. It's about as easy to color match as anything that'll ever find its way into your closet.

Pretty much year 'round wear.

I'd wear it with black shoes, but I won't tell you that some other color would necessary look awful. Me, maybe I'm a dinosaur, but while I've accepted over the years that not all dress shoes must be black, the fact is that very often, black remains a good color for dress shoes. With a black-and-white suit (again, essentially a grey suit), there's absolutely nothing wrong with black shoes.

You want some contrast, when wearing that suit with a white shirt? Some "pop?" Wear it with a solid purple necktie. A rich, dark purple. The classic choice of a burgundy tie would be fine, though.
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