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Shoe advice - Please help

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Good afternoon Styleforum. I have been a lurker for about 2 years and have been putting more emphasis and funds into my wardrobe. My shoe collection is terrible but I am slowly starting to correct it. I was hoping for some advice on what I currently have as well as recommendations for future purchases. I know a lot of what I have is crap but until my stable fill sup a bit more I am forced to make due with what I have. I expect to hear some harsh truths/criticisms but any and all advice and commenting is still appreciated. Please excuse the lack of laces in some shoes and the pair without shoe trees. I just received a new pair of shoes and the trees have not come in yet. Its also shining day.

A little about me... I live in the Raleigh, NC area and I am in sales/consulting. I wear a suit 5 days a week and am on the road constantly. Although compared to most in my profession and area I am very dressed up I almost never wear a tie. I feel like it is a compromise for dressing down but also I am not confident in them. I am not sure if it is just my tie collection (which is also pretty poor) or my own ability in matching them with my outfit. The more photos I look at online the more I think I may want to start wearing them but I do not have what I would like to wear at this current time. I wear clothes that make me feel great.

Please be patient with me. I plan to post a lot more starting when I put my daughter down for her nap. I am seeking help and after months of being an anonymous site reader I think I am both financially and mentally ready to put myself out there for assistance.

Best regards,


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That looks like a creditable start to me. I think you'd find that dark brown shoes or boots would be useful. Perhaps a semi-brogue like Alden 908, but in dark brown.

Burgundy like the above is another color option. Then I'd look into medium brown box calf.
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Thank you for the recommendation Testudo. Something similar to that Alden I have had written on my "to buy" list for the past few weeks. I bought the suede loafer first as I wanted a summer shoe that could be fairly casual but your recommendation may be my next purchase. I really want some boots for the colder months but figured I have a little time right now seeing that it doesn't seem to get under 100 degrees lately around here. I really appreciate your input as well as taking the time to respond.

Looking again at what I have I think I really hate the shoes in the middle row. I wear the grey ones every now and then, especially when wearing one of my seersucker suits but the suits themselves didn't hold up well and so get worn very rarely. I also think the suits may have fallen out of favor with my taste and so they sit on the shelf taking up space.

Anyone else have any input? All recommendations and criticisms are welcome.
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