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thanks everyone, i'm on the hunt now

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Any US stock list (outside of Nepenthes NY) gonna sell the corduroy baker? Only seen the bedford thus far...
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Tonnes of goodies on ReggieShop! Check the link...



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The Geo Jacquard pattern on the short collar shirt is a hit!!


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This one is pretty funky.


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Do you guys feel you need to be a certain height to wear the EG long shirts? Seeing as a small this season is ~35 in length, I feel proportionally it might not work for shorter guys. Thoughts?

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There is a model 5'6 wearing a small from a previous season here




and one 5'8 wearing one here and I think it looks okay. The length is within an 2 or 3 cm of 35 and I think it looks good.



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A couple of exclusive Bedfords for Arknets JP.


8oz Heavy Twill


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Having missed out on the Olive moleskin last year, that second jacket posted was what I've been waiting for (in vain) from EU retailers

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Really liking a lot of stuff popping up on IG --






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That vest is A+

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^ Cop the hat to match --



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Originally Posted by CrowShit View Post

That vest is A+

The mannequin is terrifying though.

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Corduroy Baker is nice.  Anyone size down on the Baker?  I tried last FW's and it was noticeably boxier than the Bedford and Andover.

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