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Jeans for overweight?

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Hey guys, I joined this forum because someone on another forum told me to ask for advice on here since it has a lot of good members.


So, I am 1,80cm tall and weigh 93kg.


I do not like wide jeans/pants at all, but my waist size is like '36 and that's why most of the leg sizes start at '34. There's barely any '32's, which would be better for me, so the jeans aren't stacking up too much and aren't too wide.


I am currently working on my weight, but I need at least some shit to wear till I reach my wanted weight.

Then I can buy good quality, high priced jeans/pants.


I just need some at least bearable jeans who are comfy for my waist and not too wide.


Currently, all I have is H&M jeans, which I only really like one of (even though it's '34 waist so a bit tight).

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Not sure why you are having issues finding a 36" waist in less than 34" legs! Unless its because they are just too commonly in demand in which case websites are often better stocked.


Levis' own website alone has 120 different options in stock (UK) with 36" waist and 32" leg plus has similar numbers in a 30" leg

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