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bright yellow shirt/orange bow tie?

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My husband insists on wearing a bright yellow shirt with an orange bow tie to a summer/outdoor wedding this weekend. It doesn't look bad but I don't want him to look clownish...thoughts? (his pants are navy blue)

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It's the kind of combo that can potentially look cool on somebody who is very comfortable with fashion. It's probably not easy to do well, unlike the classic combos like navy tie/white shirt/grey suit, which anyone can do pretty well. I would advise him to go with something a bit more conservative, especially if the wedding is formal in character.
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It's a backyard wedding in Lake Tahoe...Somewhat cocktail. He loves wild fashion and is a tall 6ft tan man...I will probably advise him to lose the bow tie, he probably wont listen. Thank you!

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Pictures of the items or him wearing the items would be helpful.  I personally like bold fashion, but this sounds like a really bad idea.  I'm not sure who is getting married, but the focus should be on the people getting married.  I think wearing anything that would take the focus off of them is not a good idea.  Style wise, I would highly recommend khaki or stone colored pants.  The navy would create too much contrast with the yellow shirt.  

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Nothing wrong with bowties, when worn intelligently. The combination you mention needn't look clownish if the yellow in the shirt is a tasteful shade, and if it doesn't clash with the tie.

If the tie is bright orange (as opposed to rusts), I'd stay away from a yellow shirt body. That hue of tie looks best with shirts whose bodies appear white or ice blue. Like this, for example:

Rust-colored ties

are easier to pair with a wider range of hues in the shirt, such as sky blue, cream, or a yellow/white pencil stripe.
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Mmm, As has been suggested one would need to be fairly fashion forward to do this. Might be better to play safer.
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