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Watch advice (poor man's)

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So I know you guys probably wear the Rolex and other high end watches.  I'm not ready to buy that kind of watch until I feel I've reached that professional level :).  Anyway, my daily driver is a Citizen Radio controlled echo drive similar to this one




I want to get maybe a good Seiko with a leather band.  I've been looking at vintage Seiko, I like these for some reason, they have character and design you simply don't see today.  I was looking at several of the Seiko 5s (from india) and some standard leather band "Military dial" Seiko.


Anything wrong with Seiko automatics (fully mechanical) are they not as superior to the Kinetic?  


Any recommendations. 

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As far as budget watches go, the ubiquitous Timex Weekender gives you a lot for what you pay. I binned the awful olive nylon NATO strap that came with mine and bought one from Lake House Leathers who offers a good product at a low price.
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I've been very happy with my Tissot Le Locle. Paid maybe $400 for it on sale at a Jared's chain, but it can be had cheaper online. Stylish, nothing fancy so it doesn't need to be babied and I wouldn't feel bad if I broke it, automatic watch with date dial, dress up or down. For everything else there's my Casio G-Shock Illuminator.

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Originally Posted by steppinthrax View Post

Anything wrong with Seiko automatics (fully mechanical) are they not as superior to the Kinetic?
Nothing necessarily wrong with a Seiko automatic.

I would not describe them as being other superior to, or inferior to, the Kinetic. They're sufficiently different from the Kinetic that such a comparison would have little meaning, save in some specifically delineated area.

Pictured below, a Seiko SNKL41 - a Seiko 5 automatic, available for under $100 - on a black leather strap. There are plenty of multi-thousand dollar wristwatches which don't do as well in various ways. (Not my picture. It's from a post by "StogieNinja," over on watchuseek.com.)

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The Seiko SARBs are great watches at around $350.
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