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Careers that allow one to "back up" a classic/extravagant personal style

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I am wondering if any of you sartorial sages have opinions on how much a person can stylistically get away with based on their career. For example, if one is a college professor, one has license to explore some remote areas of the classic menswear spectrum. For example, this guy:


... and if someone met him on the street and asked him what he did, when he replied "I teach physics at the college," it would make sense. He would be "in uniform" so to speak.


However, if you met this guy:


... and when you asked what he did, he replied "grocery clerk" you would probably think this guy is overdressed, even though he isn't at work.


So, the question I am getting at is this: is there such a thing as a casual "uniform?" I am  not saying that there is anything wrong in any way with a grocery clerk dressing well. I am just saying that we all have an image of what a person's casual "uniform" should be based on their career/vocation.


Is it not possible to be casually "overdressed" because your life isn't exciting enough, or your career isn't sexy enough, to back up your style?


Barring the fact that a grocery clerk probably couldn't afford C&J's, would such shoes like these seem incongruous with the person even if they were given a pair or inherited them?


You may opine in 5,4,3, 2....



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If someone isnt at work then I dont care what they wear at the end of the day you are not your job.


There are people who have had (or have) very interesting/ stylish lives and choose for some reason to have a "menial" job how does that mean they are no longer entitled to wear a suit to a restaurant or C&J shoes? Or if someone's priorities are nice shoes rather than cable TV, beer and cigarettes then why shouldnt they wear them?


My wife doesnt need to work but chooses to do 2 evenings a week at a popup craft food place along with a guy who sold his business, went travelling for 3 years and now does the same temp job. Both wear the brand t-shirt, black jeans and trainers at work but are equally appropriate dressed if in a cocktail bar or black tie event.

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I think somebody who was a billionaire playboy by day, and say, a crime fighting vigilante by night could probably get away with wearing anything they want, even lycra.

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Succinctly? No. I try to just take joy in the fact that someone other than myself put a modicum of effort into dressing themselves instead of schlepping around in cargo shorts, a beat t-shirt 2x sizes too large, flip flops and the largest wrap-around pair of polarized sunglasses known to man (in white of course).

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@LA Guy

Feels like this might be better in the CM subforum?
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Sure, maybe when I get back from vacation.
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Moved.  Hope that you are happy, @Claghorn .

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Moved.  Hope that you are happy, @Claghorn .

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