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Buyer abuses the "item not as described", help!

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I recently sold an NWT Canali suit on ebay. This morning I received a return request from the buyer.

The buyer claimed the suit doesn't match description or photos. Here is the buyers comments: "The suit arrived on Friday tightly folded and jammed into a USPS flat rate medium size box. The suit was horribly wrinkled - the tags may still be on it but it is anything but NWT"

Suit was neatly folded into a USPS priority box (15"x12"x4") and sent promptly the next day after the payment.

I responded the buyer saying any creasing/wrinkle is common natural and expected when a suit is folded and transit in a box. I even offered a $15 partial refund to cover a professional press as a courtesy. But the buyer turned it down, and still want to return the suit.

So I proceeded with "approve return request". And now ebay wants me to cover the return shipping label.

This is the case that the buyer clearly ABUSE the "item not as described" to avoid the restocking fees (15% stated in the return policy) and force a refund.

What should I do? Please help.
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Best thing is to just accept the return, at least the buyer has to pay return shipping. Then promptly put him on your ignore list. 

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You're already dealing with a liar, so be careful. Take pictures when opening the box, in case it's full of rocks.

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Probably not a liar, but more a clueless buyer. Probably with some buyers remorse too, or just very high expectations. 

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Professional liar who wanted to try the thing on, upon finding it does not fit using lies to justify a return.

Tell him to go forth and multiply.
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I also think seems a pro liar. 4% of people are psychopaths, so here seems another.

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