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Shoe Shining with Same Brushes

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Hello! First time-poster.

Question about shoe shining. I understand needing different polishing brushes for different colored polish to avoid discoloration. My question is whether you need different brushes for different color shoes if you are using a neutral polish on both. Eg, I have a black pair and a burgundy pair, but I plan on using neutral on both. Do I need separate brushes? I guess the question comes down to whether a brush can "lift" color off the leather itself. Probably a little paranoid but I want to be cautious with a new pair. Thanks!
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Why are you only intending to use colourless polish? Colours generally need reinstating with coloured polishes if they are to maintain their depth.


The "risk" as you say is that you do pick up some of the old colour polish and then transfer it to another shoe of another colour. The chances of this happening will depend on how thick the old polish is/ if you've used something to strip the old polish first. Taking the old polish off first reduces the chances but also will make the shoes lose their colour quicker if you arent replacing it with coloured polish.

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Most brushes I've bought come in pairs with one black wooden block and one brown.

I only brush to clean a shoe of dust and grit before treating and then coloured polish. So they don't have colour on them.

Maybe we have a different technique. Colour is transferred from pot on the rag for me.
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