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Jacket/ Jeans/ Sneakers: HELP!

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OK everybody. Two specific questions about this outfit:

1/ What shoes work better, the white Adidas Stan Smiths, or the black Vans?

2/ The jacket is a Hugo Boss sportcoat, can i wear it with jeans? (I think it looks too "suit-like" but my wife says it is OK) It does have a bit of texture to it and is not completely smooth.

A couple of notes: My wardrobe isn't huge, so if the "fit" isn't perfect, I may be out of luck.....and sorry about the toilet in the shot! :-)

Thank you all in advance!

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Sorry man, but that jacket doesn't work with denim. It is very, as you say, "suit like".  I'll also never be a fan of any jacket worn with an untuck shirt.

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Perhaps black denim? I like the white shoes with the white in the shirt.
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Dont like black sneakers in these situations, in most cases it looks like you are hoping to trick people into thinking you are wearing dress shoes but arent and so white gets my vote.


Agree with others though, the jacket is far too formal to be able to work with jeans.

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It seems to me that the jacket also is just a tad to big and long on your arms. But aside from that, usually it helps to have a suit jacket that's a bit more casual when pairing it with jeans. I think something that's more lightly colored or has a rougher texture would work a lot better.
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