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How to take care of driving shoes?

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As some of you might know I just got my first pair of tods. I've been wearing it for 2-3 weeks already and notice the rubber dots started to wear out. So hiw do I prevent this.
- Usually wear 2-3 times per week and mostly walk at shopping malls.
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Ignore them is best. You should not minutely examine and worry about everything you see.
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You are not supposed to walk long distance with them... hence why they're called driving shoes.

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I'm with the OP. If anyone has any care best practices to share, I'd be interested in hearing them. These type of shoes seem to get beat up rather quickly and, aside from only wearing them while driving, there seems to be limited info on how to care for an maintain them.

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I had a pair of Tods driving shoes a while ago and wore them before driving and for the occasional errand on my way home from work.
They wore out quickly and were about as rugged as house slippers. The rubber gommi started chunking off and the leather soles looked absolutely trashed after a year so I donated them to goodwill.
My thoughts on driving shoes is that they are of very limited use and only to be worn inside the vehicle. I now just keep a pair of Nike trainers when I don't want to subject my dress shoes to driving conditions.
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In my experience, J Crew and Prada drivers hold up the best.

They don't have the gimmicky soles that Tod's do.

The only Tod's drivers worth buying are the winterized versions with the full soles.
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