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Physician shoes

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I am a physician in an office setting. I was wondering if loafers or lace ups are more appropriate?

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Since it's a professional work environment, even if a medical one, the traditional answer is that lace ups are more appropriate.

But as a practical thing, it truly doesn't matter.

Mind you, there are loafers, and then there are loafers. There are loafers which look quite conservative and as business-appropriate as loafers can manage. Then there are other loafers which are less formal than most sneakers.

I would add that I'm answering from a Northeastern/Middle Atlantic US-centric perspective. And as a lawyer. And as a 53 year old. All of which may color my opinion. If you're a 29 year old physician in Tahiti, my perspective may be of little value to you.

But as you've chosen to tell us nothing about your age, location, or background...

For that matter, you haven't even said which sort of shoes you believe to be the more appropriate. And why. No, you just tossed out a question, and left it to others to do all the mental "heavy lifting." smile.gif
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