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Navy Blazer Fatigue

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Has this happened to anyone else? I know, I know, it's the most versatile item in a mans wardrobe, but has anyone else gotten to the stage where they get tired of the navy blazer being too simple and really not a "style" in itself. I know it has generations of tradition, but I find myself questioning it's use these days. I usually wear it with jeans, but rarely with trousers. 


I've read some older threads about how there are many people that hate a navy blazer in general, and others who hate the mix of a sport coat and jeans (which is a much broader topic). Just curious to see more recent opinions on this. I feel like I am seeing fewer men wearing navy sport coats in NYC these days (obviously I'm posting this in summer), but in general, dress seems to trending downward in the city. Not withstanding to complete suits, which I see much of, on many men, all types, all ages.

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I'll add more to this.


Navy blazers, in the traditional sense (e.g. EG doesn't count, patterns don't count) are so boring. The fabric is dull and uninteresting.

A tweed in gray, brown, or navy for the winter, and a blue linen for the summer will probably get more total use than just buying a navy blazer. I can't think of a single situation I would wear one in, I'd either wear something more interesting (tweed or linen) if the event is casual, or just wear a suit if the event is more formal - and even my suit fabrics are more interesting than the typical navy blazer - flannels, subtle texture, etc.

"Every man should..." statements are terrible and should stop.


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This, if you're going solo blazer, it should be more informal and fun. Get something interesting.

The other situations, where you're actually trying to dress yourself up a bit, well, you should be wearing a suit. Throwing on a Navy blazer to dress up something else is a pretty dull statement. You'll either look like a frat guy at best, at worst, a kid posing for a school pic.




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I didn't read the Reddit link, so perhaps I'm repeating the comments, but I still think a navy blazer is an absolute requirement for a man's wardrobe.

It's a cliche but true: you can dress it up or dress it down.

Traveling? Wear it on the plane and use the pockets for passport, money, and boarding pass. Grey flannels for colder climates, olive or mustard trousers for the tropics. A couple of dress shirts, a couple of polo shirts, a couple of ties, and you're set for lunch at an outdoor cafe or dinner in a fine restaurant.

Conference? You're set for the meet-and-greet on the first night and any other more formal meetings, but you're not stuck in a suit.

Invited for golf and dinner at the country club of a new friend or business contact? You'll fit in with whatever he's wearing to the grill room.

Most men dress so badly these days that I can't think of a single setting where someone would think you were underdressed in a navy blazer, white shirt, and tie.

To break up the boredom, I used to alternate between single-breasted and double-breasted blazers with every replacement. But DB blazers seemed comically nautical, so now I just stick with SB. And always brass buttons, but I suspect that younger men might disagree.
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What do you mean patterns? Does an open basketweave count as a pattern? Normally it doesnt but it both adds texture and makes it more useable in hot weather - make it a lighter shade of navy, patch pockets etc and its even more casual.


At a superficial level, all ties are very formal - in reality there is a lot of diversity and whilst none are truly casual they certainly are not all very formal even in todays dress down society.


A "navy blazer" covers a vast range of items which can be very formal and only suitable with formal wool trousers and associated events to something relatively casual and fine to mix with jeans (in my view) but wouldnt be suitable for the office or an evening do.


Interestingly in London I think the trend is inverted, so formal (inc business) is getting more casual but casual is getting more formal and jackets are increasingly common to be seen

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