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Poll Results: Who is the fairest squaller baller?

Poll expired: Aug 1, 2016 This is a multiple choice poll
  • 25% of voters (16)
  • 14% of voters (9)
  • 9% of voters (6)
  • 6% of voters (4)
  • 4% of voters (3)
  • 0% of voters (0)
  • 1% of voters (1)
  • 30% of voters (19)
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  • 31% of voters (20)
  • 33% of voters (21)
  • 25% of voters (16)
  • 1% of voters (1)
63 Total Votes  
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Thanks to all who participated. Some nice budget fits in here. Get yo votes in! Winner will be announced in a week or so.
Originally Posted by Rais View Post

Tried a few cheap outfits the last few days that weren't just all Nike sportswear. All have been pretty bad. This one looks alright I think, but the photos did not come out well. I might edit this and replace it later if I come up with something better before the end of the contest. I have some non-collab Uniqlo stuff that might look alright. I realised that I usually depend on one or two designer items in my outfits and without them it just gets very basic, which is okay for day to day outfits but not really interesting for the forum. Looking forward to what everyone else comes up with.

Brands and Pricing (Click to show)
Ceremony (Korean brand): Short Sleeve Sweatshirt $AUD35
K-Mart: Long sleeve tee RRP $AUD6
Cotton On: Slouch Tapered cut denim RRP $AUD50
Adidas: Stan Smiths RRP $AUD120
Surplus: Backpack RRP $AUD30
Unbranded: Paracord bracelet off eBay RRP $AUD2
RRP Total: $AUD243

It really adds up even for cheap crap. I paid a bit less than this since most of the items were on sale, but will just use RRP for the total.

Originally Posted by ghdvfddzgzdzg View Post

brands (Click to show)
H&M knit sweater shirt thing like $20 maybe
H&M jeans $30
vans vault $120 or something

Originally Posted by SprezzaTrash View Post

I was told to post this in here!  Experimenting with normcore/90's vibes.

Everything is mall shit.  Jacket from Gap, Jeans from pacsun, and Vans Old Skools.  Favorite piece is the sweater (from J. Crew) and I really love it due to its comfort and faded color. 

Originally Posted by notwithit View Post

Only got one pic before it started raining. I'll see if I can get more (and maybe tweak the color palette?), but if I don't get the chance here's my entry.

New Look (random Asos brand) suede trucker
Uniqlo (from the glory days of MIJ denim)

The sleeve of the jacket is the same color as the body. I'm not sure why it came out looking bluish.

Originally Posted by FrankCowperwood View Post

Sunbody/Reyn Spooner/Epaulet/What Price Glory/Novesta

Total comes out to about $260 as I recall.

Originally Posted by aeglus View Post

About as basic as it gets. Uniqlo and some custom boots that ended up being cheaper than Docs.


Originally Posted by colabear View Post

oooooh I think I'll play


H&M kimono shirt $40
RVCA Tiger Tee $10 clearance section of Nordy Rack
Polo RL cargo shorts $90
Frye chukkas $90 from Nordy Rack
grand total = $230

I beat you by $30, Mr Cowperwood hehehe

Originally Posted by conceptionist View Post

Massimo Dutti - navy towel knit blazer ($100)
Zara - knit tee ($20)
Zara - wool/poly gabardine double pleat cropped pants ($50)
(No vis) - H&M belt ($10)
Cons - CTAS 70's ox ($100)

Originally Posted by Fraiche View Post

T-Shirt by Alexander Wang Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Alternative Apparel $35
Track pants by Helmut Lang Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Cotton On $25
Distressed slip ons by Maison Margiela Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Sanuks $60

Originally Posted by Lorcan7 View Post

Primark shades (~£2)

Vintage -  French army jacket (£51)

Uniqlo - Robert Mapplethorpe print tee (£12.90)

Uniqlo jeans - unpicked raw hem (msrp £29.90)

Vans old skool -  painted (msrp £55)

~ USD total: 199

Maybe just me, but with less going on with the fit, the temptation to mess around with the photos to make it more 'interesting' was greater. lol

  Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Originally Posted by kindofyoung View Post

H&M x2, Weekday & Dr Martens.
(it's way too warm for this jacket, but wanted to take some better pictures of it anyway so)
Jacket close-up (Click to show)

Originally Posted by adiosditto View Post

based on @basil rathbone is my first entry here (is it too late? shog%5B1%5D.gif)

Muji Indigo Shirt : 35$
Bluesville fatigue pants : *free*
sperry x ymc : 35$ (70%disc)
total 70$ 

Originally Posted by nevergreen View Post

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Let me know if I missed anyone. Put this poll together 3G with my phone while camping hah.
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Great work coordinating everything, Basil. That must have been a nightmare doing this up on the phone. It takes ages even on the PC.

Some really nice entries from everyone.

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Pretty close race still. Poll closing tomorrow, so get your votes in. 

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 Everyone looks great.

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Congrats to the champion, @kindofyoung !


Thanks to all who participated! Looking forward to the next one. 

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