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Ralph lauren polo - italian

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Maybe you gents can help me out please? Are ALL italian made Ralph lauren Polo sportcoats and suits canvased please?This includes BOTH Blue label and Green labels. I know that Corneliani makes the suits for Lauren but I am not sure if this is only a specific color of label. I did a search but didn't really find what I was looking for other than comfirming that they suits made by Corneliani are canvased. For those in the know- is there any manufacturing differences between Corneliani and Lauren. It seems that the Lauren retail for a bit less than a similar Corneliani style suit. ( This is comparing the retail price from a Polo outlet store that had just a couple offerings to a higher end retail store in a mid sized city. I do not know if this IS a fair assesment of prices. ) Respectfully, John G.
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Corneliani makes the black label Polo suits. I have read that some of these are not canvassed but the ones I felt in the Polo boutique seem to be canvassed. Retail price on the Corneliani made Polo suits is $1095 afaik.
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I'm not aware of a black label from RL. Corneliani makes the blue label IIRC...
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I guess I mean the blue label, they are the one that just say "Polo" rather than the ones that are marked "Lauren" (Green Label)
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The Blue Label suits that I've seen have been fused.
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The RL Polo suits are half-fused. The lapels are not fused, thus the roll is quite natural and perception / illusion of more handiwork than is actually in the suit is created. Everything else in the suit that I have noticed is indeed fused. At the same time, the fusing utilized is by far the best available and I doubt that even the worst drycleaner could make it bubble. For what its worth I purchased a RL Polo MTM SB 3-piece suit on sale (20% off on any purchase including MTM), and am happy with it. At the same time, if I did not have the discount available, I would have probably ordered Corneliani MTM, as all their items are canvassed. Jon.
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Lauren suits have nothing to do with Corneliani or any other Italian house - they are U.S. (or Mexico) made, in the same factories as Jones New York, etc.
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Purple Label - the most expensive, is almost exclusively made in Italy. The Purple Label suit is made by St. Andrew and their shirts are made by Lorenzini. I got the latest Purple Label catalog and Ralph Lauren is selling his purple label suit for almost the same price as those made by Brioni, $4,000. I seriously doubt the sanity of a person willing to pay full retail for a Purple Label suit. Black Label - Women's Black Label line has been in existence for many years now (Saks, Neiman, Bloomingdales, and full Polo retail stores all carry the brand). Men's Black Label line will be debuting in Spring 05. DNR provided a preview of the line about a month ago. Ralph Lauren will position the Black Label in between the Purple and the Blue Label. At least initially, the Black Label line for men will be only available in the full-priced Polo Retail Stores (NY, LA, Chicago etc). Blue Label (aka Polo by Ralph Lauren) - is the label/brand most people are familiar with. I called the Polo store on Rodeo today and was told that the Blue Label suits are mostly canvassed. Green Label (aka Lauren by Ralph Lauren) - is the label originally made and distribute by Jones New York, with Ralph Lauren collecting millions of dollars in licensing fees. Last year, Ralph Lauren and Jones NY were in some sorts of contract dispute and now Ralph is taking full control of the line. The line is positioned at a step below the Blue Label. Even though I have not seen too many green label product for men, I can bet that all of suits/sports coat by the Green Label is fused. Of course we also have Polo Jeans, Chaps by Ralph Lauren.....
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The blue label Polo suits I've seen (at a store this past summer) were fused. They might have been half-canvassed, I don't know. But the main body definitely is fused, since that's where I did the pinch test.
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