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Havana sports jacket fit

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Gentlemen, I currently only own one sports jacket. It's a SuitSupply Havana half-lined linen jacket.

A navy blue (wool) sports jacket is next on my wish list and I am thinking of another Havana but before I make up my mind I would like your suggestions if you think the Havana is a good fit for me. So here are some pictures:


A bit tight in the waist maybe? I tend to wear it unbuttoned at most times for a more relaxed feel though.



Wrinkles, wrinkles... wrinkles everywhere!



Tiny neck gap?


As you can see the jacket is full of wrinkles, as is expected of a linen jacket. However I was wondering if it possible to iron it somehow without damaging the jacket? I tried hanging the jacket close to the shower and let it run hot water for about 30 mins but that didn't help much, if at all.


What are your thoughts?

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The quarters are perhaps   slightly too open.  That said, it's a casual jacket, and so you don't need to fuss so much about a "perfect" fit.

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Hi, thanks for your feedback. Do you have any suggestions on how to "tame" the wrinkles?


I've had my eyes on this fully canvassed jacket


...but I'm somewhat puzzled by the material. It's sold as a separate jacket but the wool seems to be in the 140's 150's mixed with silk and cashmere. For me that sounds like a luxurious suit jacket (sold separate for some reason). Or can it be worn as a sports jacket/blazer?


I've also looked at this one .


I had this thought that maybe you could replace the standard buttons with white/sand mother of pearl buttons to give it a more of a blazer look, good idea or retarded? :)

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Its difficult to say without seeing it (first link) in the flesh but based on the close up it looks as if its fairly textured fabric which would make it suitable for a blazer/sports jacket and on the basis they only sell it as such would suggest that they think the same. The second one I find harder to accept as a seperate jacket


I'll never get the USA idea of pearl buttons on blazers any more than I get the british idea of using brass buttons and so would stick with horn, or corozo if you want to continue the italian idea. A lighter button of any material would reduce the formality of the jacket but I'd want to see how much shine it has in the flesh to be able to establish how much you can really play it down. 

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SuitSupply has updated their site to show bigger pictures now. Does anyone else have any thoughts on the La Spalla jacket?


I think it looks awesome but I don't want people mistaking it for a suit jacket.

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