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I'm a law student and new to the business world, though trying to learn as much as possible. I placed an order for a pair of AE Park Avenue in the dark chili shade and was wondering how acceptable this shoe would be for interviews in a navy suit. The dark chili appears to be somewhat darker than regular chili, so I thought there may be some variation from the norm here. I am going to buy black Park Avenues in the next few weeks to pair with a charcoal suit, but was curious as to whether the dark chili could potentially take the place of dark brown. Nordstrom has a sale in the next few weeks where I could get dark brown and black for $260 each and would likely just end up doing that if I wouldn't be able to use the dark chili in more formal settings. I will likely use the charcoal suit with black Park Avenues for most interviews, but would prefer some flexibility.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.