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I don't think I'll get around to the jackets and fit pics, but here are my five ties

L to R: H.N. White x2, Knottery, YellowHook, Drakes
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As I was one of the original participants in the F/W thread, I guess it's ok for me to contribute to this S/S thread too. Besides, the thread is running a little low on steam right now. So here goes.


Details of the elements are listed at the end.



The Fits:


Canali - Borelli - Kamakura


Canali - HC - HC


Canali - HC - HC


Canali - BB - Canali


Canali - Drake's - random


Canali - HC - vintage


Cucinelli - Leonardo - Kimber



Cucinelli - SuSu - SuSu (dang - shoulda cinched that tie!)


Vintage - Kenzo - random


Vintage - Ascot - Victory



The Jackets:


Canali navy blue blazer - worsted "travel" wool

Canali Exclusive gun club jacket - silk/cashmere blend

Canali white/grey jacket - textured wool/silk/linen

Brunello Cucinelli cream 3r2.5 jacket - cotton, buggy lined

Vintage bespoke pale blue jacket - worsted wool


The Ties:


Borelli ribbed silk printed neat

Henry Carter silk/linen check

Henry Carter pale blue grenadine fina

Brooks Brothers mustard silk knit

Drake's striped blue grenadine fina

Henry Carter silver two-tone grenadine grossa

Leonardo cream silk with woven burgundy polka dots

SuitSupply green woven floral neat

Kenzo yellow silk with printed floral/bird motif

Ascot of Germany tangerine-base paisley


The Pocket Squares:


Kamakura linen paisley

Henry Carter white Irish linen

Henry Carter silk paisley

Canali linen

Random cotton floral print

Vintage silk white neat with blue squares

Christian Kimber linen "Torquay"

SuitSupply printed grenadine silk orange/yellow/green

Random light green silk paisley

Victory silk floral motif


Shirts: Kamakura pale blue poplin and Brooks Brothers white linen button-down.

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Sorry to miss you @Coxsackie . Six and I were mostly doing things from memory rather than going through the original thread, not efficient but this is all done on the fly. Thanks for posting.

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Originally Posted by Academic2 View Post

My thanks to @TweedyProf for his kind invitation.


Let me confess that summer is my least favorite season of the four as far as weather is concerned.  Happily, in my line of work I can spend most of it at home.   While I have a number of suits and jackets which are seasonless, I’ve decided to go with the four jackets I have which are unambiguously spring or summer, which means at this point I’ll only be posting four (if time permits and the spirit moves me I might add to this later as I’ve probably got a half-dozen or more additional SS ties).  As with the F/W thread, I apologize for the poor quality of my Canon point-and-shoot photos.


Here are a few more.


Two solid brown linen ties—one light, one dark.  Very versatile staples.   Would’ve worked with any of the four jackets for a more conservative look.





Diagonal stripe linen.  Would’ve worked with either the solid blue or the solid mustard jackets, I think.





A diagonal stripe cotton.   Would’ve worked with either the solid blue or the solid mustard jackets.




A seersucker gingham.  I wish it were a darker blue; this almost turquoise shade doesn’t work with any of my jackets.  A pity since in other respects I like the tie very much.






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Should us normal mortals post anything? :paranoia: Just some ties, no real fit pics built up yet...

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@smittycl  you can get your pics together. Six and I are waiting for a few others to post before we open it up to everyone.


Just to be clear, this isn't meant to be a WAYWRN thread or a Friday Challenge type thread. We are aiming for a thread that will be useful down the road. I know people have philosophical differences with my approach here. :) But I do want 15 or so initial pics to set the tone/standard/vibe and then open it up to see how everyone might respond.



Note, the F/W 10/5 thread will become relevant again soon, and I hope people will update or add pics. That thread has been open to all for a while and it would be good to see more ties posted. I know you had some F/W ties posted originally there, and I invite you to repost them.

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Update...switched out the asymmetrical striped tie that was one of my 10 and felt more of a transitional tie into or from fall/winter to this one that I just picked up from NMWA, light blue linen



I'm also trying to live by the rules here for the next two weeks, so if you're interested in whether one can make do with 10/5 (plus assorted squares), i.e. keep things interesting without boring repetition, click on this link and the obvious hashtag


Perhaps I will post the results here.

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some great ties and combos here, subscribed!

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I'll try to hit this tomorrow.
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Originally Posted by Pliny View Post

Shantung, Fresco





Fresco and shantung: two great tastes that taste great together.


Following in Tweedy's footsteps by supplementing my own photos. Here's from the past week with a take on that delicious combo.




Originally Posted by Pliny View Post





I like this. Maybe a bit  more than the royal blue. The navy sits a bit better with the jacket maybe, since it's a touch more soporific. Love the fabric of that jacket. The square is also nice. The colors are complementary and have a summery feel, and the wet silk fills out the texture spectrum.

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Originally Posted by jcmeyer View Post

Shibumi Shantung Repp / Kubo Classic Style Fresco Suit
Closer for more tie detail (Click to show)

Vanda Shantung Repp / Kubo Classic Style Fresco Suit



Speaking of shantung ... enjoying both of these. Simple, but nice colors and enjoyable texture.

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Originally Posted by Academic2 View Post



I think this might be my favorite of the batch. The orange is unexpected by works with the color of the jacket. No square seems like the best choice.

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Originally Posted by Coxsackie View Post





These are my two favorites from Coxsackie. So restrained! Both have nice palettes and textures. I might have gone squareness with the second or used something simple with cream or something like Pliny above, but this one works.

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And as further supplement. When I ordered this jacket, I thought of it as being a bit more F/W. Now that I've had it a while, it seems to work year-round. Here with shantung and habotai silk. But it also showed up in the F/W 10/5 thread with madder and cashmere.


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@Mr. Six 


Well, you live in the bay area! Summer-winter who knows (though variance across the Bay).


Encouraging others to "update" as we wait a few stragglers.


For me, part of the reason for thinking about this 10/5 exercise was to think about versatility, especially regarding ties. So, here's a different look with one of my ties. The bright blue lends itself to sunny days (photo doesn't quite bring it out).


This was a special run by Patrizio Cappelli when I happened to catch him by email while he was on one of his trips to England. A lucky coincidence. Same mill, I suspect, as did a run for Drake's, though the Drake's navy version had a less bright light blue in the medallion. Patrizio was accommodating in picking up the "Drake's" colors (navy and green) in both silk and challis (you can still get challis versions at Cappelli). This is a light silk twill.



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