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Welcome, all, to the Spring/Summer edition of the 10/5 Thread.


To get caught up, here's the Fall/Winter edition:


TweedyProf asked me to get the ball rolling on this. The thread will be similar to the last one. The idea is to create a repository for tasteful outfits that are representative of the season. 10 ties and 5 jackets is a nice goal but not a requirement, as a far as I'm concerned. To me, the point of the thread is for guys to post at least a few combinations that express spring-summer dressing to them. If you want to include suits, coo! If you don't have ten seasonal ties or five seasonal jackets, who cares! This is supposed to be fun and expressive and inspirational.


I've contacted a number of posters to ask them to be among the first to post. I asked most (all?) of the guys to were part of the initial posters last time. If I missed you, I apologize. I'm certain that I've forgotten people I'd like to see participate. If I didn't contact you, it absolutely does not mean that you aren't welcome to participate. We just assembled a list of people who post photos regularly or who inspire us or whom we would like to post more. To that end, I'd ask everyone interested in this thread to give that initial wave of posters a few weeks to get their photos up. If you want to join, you are very welcome. Start getting your photos assembled. The thread will be open to everyone in early August. This is about sharing and collaboration. Cool? Cool.


I told the first wave that I would tag them in the initial thread to let them know that the clock has started. Here are the folks that you can expect to see some photos from initially (and a few whom I PM'ed and hope might still participate :D). Let's do this!

















@Patrick R




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I grew up in New Mexico. Summer there can succinctly be described as heat death punctuated with occasional monsoon rains. I will not speak of it. Unlike fall-winter, other than the storms, it does not inspire me. Spring and summer in the Bay Area are normally bizzarro seasons. Fog and a deep marine layer in the mornings, some sun in the afternoons, moderate temperatures. There is little rain. So the world turns shades of brown rather than green, but still there pockets of normal spring-summer colors. And the farmers' markets are full of color and life. Those all affect the way that I look at those seasons.


In classic menswear, spring and summer are for lighter cloths, brighter colors. Pure linen, linen and silk blended with wool, shantung and raw silk make their appearances. With frescos and other high-twist wools, they provide the textures for the seasons. Palettes are lighter, brighter and reflect the world around us.


Here are 10 ties that reflect my feelings about spring and summer.












Tie deets (Click to show)
Cappelli raw silk
Cappelli panama silk
Drake's silk blend
Vanda linen
Hober linen
Vanda shantung
Cappelli linen blend
Bigi shantung
Bigi silk blend
Yellowhook linen
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The spiders appeared suddenly

after that summer rainstorm.


Some people still insist spiders fell wilh Ihe rain

while others believe the spiders grew from lhe damp soil like weeds

 with eight thin roots.


The elders knew the spiders

carried stories in lheir stomachs.


We tucked our pants into our boots when we walked through fields of fallow stories.

An Indian girl opened lhe closet door and a story fell into her hair.

We lived in the shadow of a story trapped in the ceiling lamp.

The husk of a story museumed on the windowsill.

Before sleep. we shook our blankets and stories fell to the floor.

A story floated in a glass of water left on the kilchen table.

We opened doors slowly and listened for stories.

The stories rose on hind legs and offered their red bellies to the most beautiful


Stories in our cereal boxes.

Stories in our firewood.

Stories in the pocket of our coats.

We captured stories and offered them to the ants, who carried the stories back to

 their queen.

A dozen stories per acre.

We poisoned the stories and gathered their remains wilh broom and pan.


The spiders disappeared suddenly

after the summer lightning storm.


Some people insist the spiders were burned to ash

while others believe lhe spiders climbed the lightning bolts and became a new



The elders knew the spiders

Had ;eft behind bundles of stories.


Up in the corners of our old houses

we still find those small, white bundles

and nothing, neither fire

nor water. neither rock nor wind

can bring them down.


- Sherman Alexie, "The Summer of Black Widows"















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Great combo you have Mr Six. Hope to participiate.

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Ok, thanks to @Mr. Six for spearheading the S/S 10/5 thread and also for getting us off to a great start with some excellent pics, text, pointers etc. Terrible for anyone to have to post after him with those damn Formosas and Steed jackets/suits, but I'll take one for the team and post next. You're welcome.


Spring/Summer for me means in part more ties of brighter colors or appropriate textures (e.g. shantung, linen), with a lightness to them visually and/or physically. Still, S/S ties are a weak part of my wardrobe relative to my f/w tie collection, so I don't think these are perfect. Still, here are some ideas. I have a lot of brown jackets, and find blues and greens easy to wear with brown, so things are skewed accordingly. 


Neats: green and blue, which I wear flaunting the received view that these ought to be worn with suits. I compromise by wearing them with solid blazers.



Tie Deets (Click to show)
Silk ties, green from Drake's and blue from EG Cappelli



Patterns: plaid/checked and herringbone (two made beautifully from suiting fabrics by EG Cappelli): brown, and two blues



Tie Deets (Click to show)
Blue linen checked from EG Cappelli of fabric from Drapers
Brown/teal glen plaid from Eidos Napoli
Blue/Indigo wool/linen/silk herringbone from EG Cappelli also from a Drapers book, I think


Knits: a pointed and a flat end, brown/blue and navy/white. Grenadines would be fine too, and I was torn but opted for more casual knitted options since I don't teach in the summer and where I am, winter wear can extend into April when there is little left in the semester.



Tie Deets (Click to show)
Navy/white from Eidos Napoli
Brown/blue from Kent Wang
This Exquisite Trimming's grenadine (garza grossa) was strongly considered





Stripes: very bluuuu...



Tie Deets (Click to show)
All Drake's


FIve jackets with some of the ties:










Alternative jacket (future self) (Click to show)

If all goes well, then perhaps next year, the dark brown will be replaced by a SB jacket made in a similar light blue color (the repp tie is similar to the striped shantung above).




A few summer squares, which I will update as we go along:


Christian Kimber Melbourne and Firenze 


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Well here we go gents.


Here is my contribution to this terrific thread.


Jacket 1

Besoke sport coat from Sartoria GeGe Napoli. Made in a vintage fabric from the UK in wool/silk/linen

Look 1

- MTM shirt from Shirtonomy

- Vintage silk knit tie from a small sartoria in Florence

- Silk Macclesifield ancient madder pocket square


Look 2

- MTM shirt from Shirtonomy

- Cotton dog tooth tie from OTAA Brothers

- Linen pocket square from Simmonot Godard


Jacket 2

Bespoke sport coat in a summer fabric in wool/silk/linen from W.Bill

Look 1

- MTM shirt from Shirtonomy

- Macclesfield silk tie from HNW London

- Pocket square in linen from Vanda fine clothing



- Bespoke shirt from Luca Avitabile

- Drake´s London ancient madder silk tie

- Berg & Berg linen pocket square


Jacket 3

Bespoke sport coat in a vintage scotish wool/linen fabric.

Look 1

- Fralbo Napoli bespoke bengal stripe shirt

- Linen tie from Hnos & Co

- Silk pocket square from Poszetka


Look 2

- MTM shirt from Shirtonomy

- Drake´s London super repp tie

- Linen pocket square from Vanda Fine Clothing



Jacket 4

Boglioli sport coat in their Coat fit. Made in cotton herringbone

Look 1

- Barba Napoli MTM bd shirt

- Shantung tie from Poszetka

- Drake´s London wool/silk kelim print pocket square


Look 2

- Drake´s London oxford shirt

- Brown silk knit tie from New & Lingwood

- Drakes´s London cotton pocket square



Jacket 5

MTM cotton suit in a olive Drapers cloth made by Gaiola Napoli

Look 1

- Bespoke shirt Luca Avitabile

- Repp tie Drakes London

- Christian Kimber pocket square


Look 2

- MTM shirt in a dongegal fleck striped Thomas Mason fabric

- Drakes summer silk herringbonde donegal fleck tie

- Christian Kimber pocket square 1.jpg 7,065k .jpg file  

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My humble contribution to this great thread, very pleased to be asked.

and some summer suits...

For the record...

Jackets - Cantarelli, Borrelli, Sartoria Partenopea, Boglioli, Canali and another Cantarelli

Ties are, EG Cappelli, Drakes, HN White and Sozzi

Suits are Rubinacci and Canali
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Very nice, @Cleav 

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Originally Posted by TweedyProf View Post

Very nice, @Cleav

Very kind of you to say TP, thank you biggrin.gif
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Thanks to @Cleav and @Manolo for some very fine contributions to the thread! Busy week for me so not enough time for detailed comments. Hoping to see contributions from other invitees in the near future!

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Originally Posted by Mr. Six View Post

Thanks to @Cleav
 and @Manolo
 for some very fine contributions to the thread! Busy week for me so not enough time for detailed comments. Hoping to see contributions from other invitees in the near future!

Thank you 6, pleasure to take part nod[1].gif
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This is my first batch. All Shantung ties - or how I learned to stop worrying and love the slubs.

NSM H Lesser Golden Bale. Paul Stuart tie, probably by Drakes

NSM Slewfoot fresco, Drakes

NSM Carlo Barbera for H Lesser, Drakes

Formosa, Carlo Barbera for H Lesser, Conrad Wu

NSM LL RAF blue POW, Drakes
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Deets on the tailoring. Any chance the navy double stripe is a Vanda?

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I'll post my ten ties this upcoming week. I don't know that I can do summer jackets...I only own two jackets that are expressly S/S, but I'll try to post S/S outfits for at least 5 of the ties. If that's alright.
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Originally Posted by TweedyProf View Post


Deets on the tailoring. Any chance the navy double stripe is a Vanda?

Edited original post with additional details. Double navy is from Drakes. Got it from the London store. Somehow I got the version without the red stripe in between the white stripes.
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