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New Indochino suit fitting: alterations needed?

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Hello everyone,


     I just received my first suit from Indochino and have to get it taken in for alterations.  This is way out of my area of expertise and I was hoping the members of this forum could point me in the right direction.  The suit jacket collar sits somewhat odd, but I was wondering if there are any other peculiarities that need adjusting.  If you could let me know which alterations to ask for specifically, or if I should get the whole thing remade (or even returned) it would be greatly appreciated.  Brutal honesty is most welcome.


Thanks for your time!

(Sorry if I posted too many pictures)













Suit buttoned






Suit buttoned


Suit buttoned








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The jacket looks too small across the upper chest and shoulders, resulting in quite a bit of pulling and the lapels not sitting properly on your neck and chest.  I am pretty sure that that jacket cannot be fixed to fit you, but someone like @Despos can give you real, expert, advice.





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Also, the fit of the pants is a disaster, unwearable as odd pants. The seat, the tapered legs.... Besom pockets should have been chosen for the jacket, for more of a v-shape. The bad outcome is partly the result of poor style choices - why don't more people ask for help first? A refund therefore might be hard to justify.
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jacket is too large in the chest and shoulders

causing the jacket to fall away from your neck

were you self measured or measured by someone from Indo chino

the pants need work
let out the seat and crotch, if there are outlets

the suit just looks dumpy. sorry
i know you are not skinny, it just looks off

should have gone with regular and not slanted pockets on the jacket.

it is not a complete disaster. it just needs some work.
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Is this custom? If so, I would strongly recommend you return it if they measured you.


shoulders are too broad
back is too large
armhole is too low
right sleeve is too short
right shoulder is significantly lower the left. Unless they totally over accounted for one or the other shoulders. Regardless, both shoulders are still low.
It's hard to tell if it's your body type or the jacket, but the hip seems too broad, giving the jacket a "pear shape"
arm is too wide
bicep is too wide
collar is too long, which is why it sits off your neck. This can exist on it's own, but is most likely the result of the jacket being too big

Pants are harder, but it appears that the problem is:

seat too wide
back rise too short
front rise too long
everything else is stylistic opinion

If the shirt has been laundered already, it's too big. If not, hard to say. Good luck.
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I'd go either for a remake or a refund. Did you measure yourself? Some of those measurements must have been off and I agree you didn't make the best choices when it came to the customisation options... sorry to be harsh. Maybe also worth to send some of these images or a link to this thread to Indochino so they might be able to assist you with fit issues.
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First off, the responses are much appreciated.  The suit definitely seemed way off when I put it on, but I obviously didn't have the expertise to pinpoint why.  It seems that the consensus is to get a refund or a remake.  I will point out the following issues brought up in the thread to them:



  • Jacket too large in chest and shoulders too broad (causing jacket to fall away from neck)
  • Back is too large
  • Armhole is too low
  • right sleeve is too short
  • right shoulder is significantly lower then left.
  • Both shoulders still low
  • arm is too wide
  • bicep is too wide
  • collar is too long (causing it to sit off neck), result of jacket being too big

       Stylistic issues:

  • Pockets should be besom (for more of a v shape)
  • Pockets should be regular, not slanted



  • No input (going to assume OK)



  • Seat and tapered legs are off
  • seat and crotch need to be let out
  • Seat too wide
  • Back rise too short
  • front rise too long


Thanks again for all of the input!  I'm very glad I came here and asked.  If interested, I'll update you as the suit progresses.  I'll definitely be reading through these forums for future wardrobe decisions.



@mensimageconsultant I scanned the forums and other resources, but ultimately took the advice of the style guide/salesman in the showroom.  Hopefully, they'll allow me to change to normal besom pockets if I opt for a remake rather than a refund.  I'm not sure why the legs are tapered.  They said the pants would be altered after the suit arrived.  The only options for the pants selected ahead of time were: yes for:  belt loops, no for: (suspender buttons, side tabs, cuffs, pleats).  I'll mention the tapering. Thanks!


@Shirtmaven The measurements were taken in their show room. Thanks for the input.  We'll see what can be done about the pockets.  It seems I should go in for a second measuring before asking for the remake.


@EzraPaul The shirt is off the rack at Saks Off 5th.  I'll order shorter sleeves or invest in a tailored shirt next time.  Thank you for your suggestions.  Their customer service seems willing to work with me, so I'm going to give a remake a go


@LorenzL No worries about sounding harsh.  I posted requesting brutal honesty.  Sending them a link to the thread is a good idea.

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good luck on the next version.

amny of the sales people at these types of operations just do not have the expertise to see the problems and get it right.
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