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What colors complement me?

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Im 20 years, old fairly white, with perpetualy redish cheeks, deep rich unmistakably red hair and dark brown eyes. kinda like ron from harry potter, although i dont look like him. people say you should match your shirts with your eyes but im not a huge fan of brown. maybe you guys can post some pics or links to shirts that would go well on me. thanks.
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Well, apart from the standard business colours you could try orange, rust and green. I always think those colours look good on readheads. Perhaps somebody will contradict me, please ? At least you're lucky to know your hair colour. If I had to pick my hair out of a crowd, I would pick wrong. Intellectually, I know that I have light brown hair with a red tint to it but at gut level I belive that I have dark brown hair. This makes coordinating with my hair a bit of a hit and miss B
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I have light reddish hair and fair skin. I wear all earth tones (kakhai, lighter browns, light greys). I avoid black like the plague. Any dark colors such as black (including black shoes) are too much of a contrast on me. Likewise for shirts. Wear very neutral colors--earth tones.
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