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Hey ! i'm a young french girl (alredy sorry for my english).

I've find a pair of Ray Ban sunglasse I would like to buy but I don't really know the value of the object.

It seems to be vintage edition for the Olympics of 92. It's the black wayfarer model. On the glass you can see the logo Ray Ban with underneath the logo of the olympics. There is also grave the letter "BL" on both glasses. On the side you can see the logo of the olympics and written USA. Inside it's written " Way farer" on one side and " B&L Ray Ban USA" on the other. I really think it's real Ray ban, witht the weight and the manufacture of the object. There is some signs of use, especially at the end of the "branch" (I don't know the word for that). And it's a little bit broken underneath one the glass, but it holds very well. I can send pictures if need. I would like to know if there is a real value in the sunglasses or not.


Thank you very much !