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Poll Results: Who wore it bet?

Poll expired: Jul 18, 2016 This is a multiple choice poll
  • 4% of voters (2)
  • 2% of voters (1)
  • 4% of voters (2)
  • 0% of voters (0)
  • 36% of voters (17)
  • 21% of voters (10)
  • 4% of voters (2)
  • 15% of voters (7)
  • 17% of voters (8)
  • 2% of voters (1)
  • 8% of voters (4)
  • 8% of voters (4)
  • 17% of voters (8)
  • 8% of voters (4)
  • 8% of voters (4)
    Mr Knightley
  • 8% of voters (4)
  • 4% of voters (2)
  • 21% of voters (10)
  • 10% of voters (5)
    An Acute Style
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Originally Posted by pravda View Post

@simply I like the shoes


Random buy at burlington coat factory, $39 or $49 on lowered closeout from J&M (leather sole and decent construction)... They wound up being some of my favs actually...LOL


I hit the toe with some black meltonian the other day for fun.

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I'll play. And since it's AAS' challenge I figured I better ratchet things up a bit, by my standards anyway. Tie is a Liberty of London cotton print made for jcrew a few years back. Only posted it here a couple times to very mixed favor smile.gif It's way too skinny, but it is pretty summertastic. BD is Kamakura.

Warning: Extras (Click to show)

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I'll be honest, I was pretty excited when I saw this challenge. Shirt is by Kamakura.


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X-post from WAYWRN




Details (Click to show)
* Sutisupply 
* Tyrwhitt
* Miler Menswear shirt
* Embassy of Elegance tie
* ps by @Poszetka
* Benevento pants
* Herring shoes
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J. Press:  OCBD flap pocket, Yale sports tie, Gingham 3 roll 2 patch pocket sport coat with seersucker cloth, Linen trousers, Lisle OTC socks

Allen Edmonds: White Buck short wing Balmorals

Smathers & Branson: Needlepoint Yale Lacrosse belt 

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Cross posting from the casual thread:

Was not successful taking a close up photo of the collar (that's harder than it seems it ought to be), so I cropped a larger photo...

Shirt is from Epaulet, trousers Old Town, belt is Farnese, and shoes are Buday.
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Here is my submission.

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My humble entry for this sad morning, all my thought to my Nice's friends :



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My deepest condolences to all French members. I have been to Nice less than two months ago. What a sad morning.


I'm going to enter this challenge with yesterdays fit.





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Mo' Pics (Click to show)

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Shaping up to be a good field!
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Back to work today after having been moving with all my family from Paris to Lyon . New life

My clothes are a little bit creased but I could find an OCBD !

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Casual Friday - went out to the pub for lunch with Mrs K.  Unusually I wore a BD from an English maker, Hawes and Curtis.





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Tobacco linen shorts by J Crew.
Airy cotton BD by Berg&Berg.
Cordovan loafers.

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