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I have two pair of AE Park Avenue:
9 EE purchased on ebay 6 months ago for $80 including shipping
9 EEE purchased on ebay last week for $70 including shipping


Pictures below. 

I went for the 3E after noticing that the 2E hurt my feet after about 2 hours of wear.  The 3E recently arrived and I was pleasantly surprised to feel how much wider they are than the 2E (though 2E looks a bit better without all the extra width). It seems that the margin between the 2E and 3E widths is more than between the D and E and E and EE. Is this unusual?

I also noticed three unexpected differences:
(1) Around the shoe's top edge, the 2E has a double stitch and the 3E has a single stitch  (see photos).

(2) The seam near the eyelets of the 2E is both placed and shaped noticeably different than the seam near the eyelets on the 3E (see photos).

(3) On the 2E's insole beneath the "Allen Edmonds" print reads "Handcrafted in USA of Fine Imported Leather."  The 3E just says "Allen Edmonds," but nothing about handcrafted in usa of fine imported etc (see photos).

Any thoughts on these differences?  Perhaps they were  made in significantly different time periods? I suspect that the 3E may be an older shoe.