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Can anyone remember Major Domo shoes or boots - like a complete Dr Marten Rip Off - I remember wanting a pair from the shoe shop in Chester Road that has long gone became Chester Road Video Shop in the early 80s - Black Rider/Dealer type ones with thick chunky soles exactly like Dr Martens but probably a bit cheaper. Can't find anything on the net about the make - so dunno where they came from - they made a lace boot too that were supposed to be like a Dr Marten Ox Blood but they were more purple in colour and had yellow laces as standard. Any clues???

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Hello Ian in 1976 I bought a pair of "domos" 20 holers, to change about with my 20 holer solovair's (concealed steel toe) no I was not a skin'ead? Hair to the small of my back them days. The boots themselves were nut brown as bought, the hide was thicker and less supple,in the beginning. The sole identical to an "Astronaut" sole welded not welted (stitched) except it was solid, no air pockets. In use they proved superior any brand of "Docs" no puntures no pain from stones. As to who made them no idea, but they were made in spain. In ten years I have come up with nothing, seeing your post has cheered me up no end. Sorry to have jumped straight in without introducing myself. This is my first ever post (anywhere) and yes I do like good clothes and footwear. So thanks to all at Style Forum.
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I bought a pair in manchester around 1976 to wear at work / college as an apprentice they were a lot cheaper than docs and lasted ages from what i remember i had the shoe version in black ...great memories
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Try searching for them under 'mayordomo' name, the spanish spelling for the word. I got a few hits that way but I'm not sure they are what you are after. Looks like they are made in Valencia, Spain. Never had one myself. Good luck.
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