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Getting Started: Casual Pants.

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Hey, all. With the guidance of several users here, I was able to order my first MTM shirt off of Proper Cloth. I've just started looking into nicer, more tailored clothing options after decades of RTW purchases. Though it'll be weeks before I see how the shirt turns out, I wanted to start looking into pants.


You see, I'm short (5' 4"), and I've always had to deal with buying larger pants because none of the big-name stores have pants small enough. So, I figured I'd see what MTM websites people recommend.


Also, I usually wear jeans because I don't know anything about men's fashion; Besides jeans, what pants are good for casual wear?



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I typically wear chinos for casual wear.

In the cold weather months, I sometimes wear corduroys.

Depending on how you define "casual," I've got a pair of navy windowpane trousers which I sometimes wear casually.

Oh, also a pair of moleskin pants, from Orvis.
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Chinos, woollen trousers given that there are all manner of degrees of 'casual' and that term does not carry any meaning whatever. In fact it is probably correct to say any pair of trousers other than suit trousers can have a place within 'casual'.
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Thank you all for the helpful replies! I think I'll stick with jeans for my usual casual wear.


With that being said, are there any recommended MTM websites, or am I better off tailoring RTW purchases?

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