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Fit advice on my suits

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I’m new to classic style and I have just begun to build my wardrobe. I have a lot of questions and I hope this is a good place to ask them and get feedback on my attire.

With that said, I hope you go easy on me, constructive criticism is welcome :)


In this post I would like to receive feedback on my two current suits.


First one is a blue Napoli from SuitSupply


The trousers are very tight so I’ve been thinking of taking them to a tailor and have them widened in the waist. What do you think of the length, too long?







Matching the table cloth ;)

The arms have a tendency of rolling up when I drive or when I sit down (see picture), exposing a lot more of my shirt; is this considered acceptable or should I get it alterated (if possible?)


Also is the suit dark enough to be suitable for formal events such as funerals or is it too bright?

I learned after my purchase that SuitSupply have functional buttons, which means I can’t make arm lenght alterations, is this correct?

I know wearing an odd suit jacket is considered faux pas by most, but do you think this one could work as a blazer with chinos or jeans?



Moving on to my second suit, also from SuitSupply (Washington fit). I’m guessing this one won’t work very well as an odd jacket?

I'm beginning to think the fit is too tight, also the arms are wrinkling pretty much, can this be altered?









Also, is it considered okay to wear french cuffed shirts in a smart casual outfit (think blazer with chinos/jeans/corduroys) or should I reserve those for full suits? Maybe it depends on the type of cuff links?


I would be glad to receive your input on fit, matching or anything else :)






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I would say that both jackets are a bit too small. They are pulling at the button and the lapels don't lie against the chest.

Both trousers are creasing at the knee when standing upright so they're too long and/or tight.

I think that in general you are under sizing your clothes, do you have thick thighs? I'm sorry if it offends but it looks like you bought it 10lbs ago or before you started lifting.

I'm not familiar with the store but I think you need to try on a properly fitted suit to see the difference and then you have a benchmark.
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Yup, on both suits, both jackets and pants are too tight.

The blue suit is dark enough to be suitable for formal (not black tie formal, but "formal" in the more conventionally accepted meaning of the word) events, or a funeral.

Functional buttons doesn't mean you can't shorten the sleeves - just that it may take more work, and more skill, and more expense, to get an acceptable result. Typically, the sleeve would need to be shortened at the shoulder, in such a case.

Maybe you could get away with wearing the blue suit jacket as a blazer. But given that navy blazers are often dirt cheap on eBay, why not do it right and buy an actual blazer? Plus, that way, you won't have to worry about uneven wear between your suit's jacket and pants.

No, the second suit's jacket would work even less well than that of the first suit, in terms of wearing it as an odd jacket.

As for French cuffs, it depends greatly on the local custom. In much of the United States, in a many settings, even wearing them with a suit could draw negative attention from a fair percentage of the people who might notice it. Whereas in various other countries, wearing French cuffs with casual pants and a jacket would be well within the range of the ordinary. You know your location, situation, peer group, degree of self-confidence, etc., better than anyone else here does - you have to make this call for yourself.

Oh, and let me reiterate - your suits are too small.
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I'm also a n00b so take this more lightly then advice from the more experienced members.


Both jackets are a little tight. When creases from where the button fastens that's a "too tight" give away. Pants also a touch too tight.


The pocket square in the blue suit is too large & does not complement the shirt.


Just FYI I've had a poor experience at Suit Supply, even though they're darlings of the forum.

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Thanks for your comments, now that you mention it I see The fit is too tight. Do you think going up one size would be enough or maybe even two sizes? Unfortunately there are no shops where I live so I have to resort to online markets.

Can anything be done to rectify the problem or should I bite the Apple, sell The suits and get a new one?
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Originally Posted by TheLostSwede View Post

Do you think going up one size would be enough or maybe even two sizes? Unfortunately there are no shops where I live so I have to resort to online markets.
If you can't try on a suit before buying, then I guess you have to resort to buying online. Just make sure there's a clearly spelled out, easy, inexpensive (preferably, free) return policy in place.

I suspect 2 sizes would be too much. Try one size up. You could also consider some other cut of suit, which might run less close-fitting.
Can anything be done to rectify the problem or should I bite the Apple, sell The suits and get a new one?
Take a suit to a good enough tailor, and be willing to pay enough money, and many things become possible.

But you're usually better off starting out with a suit that fits you well, and simply tweaking it a little, than you are starting out with an ill fitting suit, and trying to make it right. The results will tend to be better. The cost will tend to be lower.

If you can return the suits for refund, return them.

If you can't return them, but you can recoup most of their cost by selling them, then sell them.

Otherwise, how good's your alterations tailor? What does he say he can do for you, with regard to the fit of these suits? How much will he charge for his services?

For that matter, will you be starring in a stage version of Kafka's, "A Hunger Artist," anytime soon?
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