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Shirts Copied in Bangkok, Thailand?

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My friend is going to Thailand and has offered to carry some fabric/buttons there for me, enough to make 5 dress shirts for work.  Unfortunately, my friend does not know very much about clothes.  I am worried that whatever tailor he chooses will cut corners and waste the expensive fabric.  


Therefore, I am looking for a tailor who is skilled and trustworthy, and who can copy the shirt exactly.  For example, I want to make sure that the tailor copies the collar properly, and uses removable collar stays.  I can pay for decent quality.


The tailors that I have contacted do not use outside fabric, or have not returned my e-mails requesting quotes.  If anyone can put me in touch with a reputable tailor who they can vouch for, I would be really grateful.


Thanks so much!

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Not sure which part of Thailand your friend is going to, but I'm assuming Bangkok. The vast majority of tailors with shopfronts there, do not actually make the shirts themselves. They have sweatshops in the suburbs that churn out their orders. As such, most of them will not be willing to use your cloth, nor should you trust them to do a good job with your expensive fabric.


Honestly, if you are willing to fork out good coin for decent fabric, don't try to save costs by going to places like Bangkok to make your dress shirts.

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Most the shirts i have seen from thailand are not very good in quality.
there used to be a guy who made clothing for Andy at AAAC. i looked for his name, but could not find it.'

if you spent good money on fabric , then have the shirt made properly.
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