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Hmmm, I'm expecting a lot of white Vans slip-ons...

Don't forget, there's already an official thrift/discount store fit bragging thread with some great ten dollar fits. It's a bit MC-oriented, but some people -- like eazye and Chet B -- have done some amazing sw/d-ish things as well.
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OL coat (on sale, but sure)
hm tee
dockers pleated relaxed fit
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You could probably recreate my fit with a thrift/Lee type jacket and Uniqlo T/jeans and Vans or Chucks.
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I... don't have any non-"baller" stuff...?...!

Oh no.
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Sf problems

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Love this idea.
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I have like 5 entry level things somewhere in my closet that I'm fairly sure could make up an entire outfit.

I'm assuming Zara, Club Monaco, J Crew etc is all fine? 

If it ends up being like a $500 outfit limit it will be a lot easier I think.

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Originally Posted by Fraiche View Post

I look forward to the entries for his challenge but I'm speculating that 75% of the forum is ineligible just from the shoe requirement hahaha.

even i own a pair of nikes. i'll try and join in this current level challenge
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As a lifelong, card-carrying non-baller, I think the most challenging part is going to be remembering early enough that I can go outside wearing a jacket and not literally die from overheating.
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No-shoes guy is gonna win this. Mark my words. 

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Tried a few cheap outfits the last few days that weren't just all Nike sportswear. All have been pretty bad. This one looks alright I think, but the photos did not come out well. I might edit this and replace it later if I come up with something better before the end of the contest. I have some non-collab Uniqlo stuff that might look alright. I realised that I usually depend on one or two designer items in my outfits and without them it just gets very basic, which is okay for day to day outfits but not really interesting for the forum. Looking forward to what everyone else comes up with.



Brands and Pricing (Click to show)

Ceremony (Korean brand): Short Sleeve Sweatshirt $AUD35

K-Mart: Long sleeve tee RRP $AUD6

Cotton On: Slouch Tapered cut denim RRP $AUD50

Adidas: Stan Smiths RRP $AUD120

Surplus: Backpack RRP $AUD30

Unbranded: Paracord bracelet off eBay RRP $AUD2

RRP Total: $AUD243


It really adds up even for cheap crap. I paid a bit less than this since most of the items were on sale, but will just use RRP for the total.

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brands (Click to show)
H&M knit sweater shirt thing like $20 maybe
H&M jeans $30
vans vault $120 or something
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I was told to post this in here!  Experimenting with normcore/90's vibes.




Everything is mall shit.  Jacket from Gap, Jeans from pacsun, and Vans Old Skools.  Favorite piece is the sweater (from J. Crew) and I really love it due to its comfort and faded color. 

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Nice, getting some participation! Should we just cruise with the original concept? 


I would say collabs are fine, FYI. Within reason (Raf Stans are like $500 WTF?). N&F denim okay too, since it's entry level raw denim (was my first pair anyways). 

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