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help please

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So I need some help. I have a lighter charcoal grey, poly blend (70% poly, 30% wool) sports coat and brown leather shoes, what slacks can I buy to match? If any at all? Or can it only go with black shoes? need some guidance and to know the rules. thank you guys 

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Stick around, read lots of threads here, and you'll eventually be able to answer your own question.


That will take a while though, so best to probably post some pics. Just off the cuff though, generally charcoal gray jackets are suits with matching pants, trying to match them with pants of a different fabric will never look that good. 

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Does the jacket have texture or surface detail? Is it actually a sports jacket or an orphaned suit jacket?


Assuming it is a sports jacket then the most reliable trouser colour would be a mid-light grey. I know others recommend creams and golden tans but they can be a bit hit and miss plus (depending on climate) may be a bit limited in season.


Shoe colour would be driven mainly by trouser colour. Charcoal + brown doesnt look good next to each other normally but if you've light grey trousers the seperation allows the brown shoes

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