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What's in your Humidor ( cigars and pipe) ?

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I would love to see your cigar collections and comments on great you do it in Good company👌🏽🎩

Here some of mine.....any suggestions?

Humidor #2 (top and bottom shelf)

Humidor #3 (the rotation/regular use batch)

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Wide Churchill, my absolute fave as well as the Davidoff short perfecto! Bliss.

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Is that a humidifying unit, humidor 1, top left? If so, how do you find it? I noticed in humidor 3 you utilize the slightly lower tech method of the tried and true shot glass full of water (this is actually my method, along with a 69% Boveda pack for each 25 or 30 cigars in the humidor), notice any big differences?

Fantastic collection you have there by the way!
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That's some kind of electronic humidification device. Either a Hydra or Cigar Oasis. Amazon has the Hydra for a pretty reasonable price The media it uses is usually the floral foam which is honestly garbage, prone to molding over, not a 2 way system, etc.

I use 4 Angstrom Molecular sieves as my humidification media that charge with distilled water to my desired relative humidity (~65% rH). I have about 1 Pound of them in my wineador (currently holding about 600 cigars). I keep smaller amounts in my other humidors as well. They're a 2 way system so they can absorb extra humidity and release to maintain the equilibrium they were charged to (within a tolerance). They're basically just a far more advanced version of the floral foam or even the heartfelt humidification beads and can actually be put into an electronic humidification device for better control. I just have a computer fan in my wineador running to circulate the humidity.

The biggest pain in the ass was figuring out the best way to charge them to my desired rH because they absorb water molecules so fast and through such tight nano channels (4 Angstrom!) that intense amounts of friction and therefore heat builds up. To the point that water begins to steam off of them and they can even melt from the friction generated heat. You have to really control the moisture absorption to happen slowly and passively (sponge soaked with distilled water in an air tight container with the beads, but no touching!).

Another option is buying pre humidified molecular sieve beads, known as HCM beads, but they can be pricey. Far less hassle involved though.
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