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Which Casual Cords?

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I've been looking to pick up about 3 pairs of corduroy pants to wear with casual outfits for Fall/Winter in Maryland. I thought mustard-brown, dark brown, and olive would give me some nice variation, but I'd be willing to sacrifice color preference in the interest of higher quality materials and construction. Hoping to keep the price as low as possible while still getting something that'll last me. Cords and my rubbing thighs don't get along so well so definitely need something a little more rugged and resilient. For this same reason, really slim fits don't work so well for me. I've got a 33" waist and close to 29" thighs last I measured. I'm thinking thin wales might mitigate the catching each leg will do on the other. Considering all of this has led me to two options so far:
I know brands like Bill's Khakis typically get more recommendations from here but I don't think my budget is very conducive to investing in premium brands such as that. I was wondering if anyone had experience with either of these and which, if either, might warrant my consideration. Any additional recommendations and advice is welcomed. Thanks in advance.
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At about the same price, the Brooks Brothers pants should be higher quality. 3 pairs of corduroy pants sounds excessive. Maybe just try the BB and go from there.
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Lands' End carries a variety of cords, and many of them are currently on sale (a seasonal thing). You could do worse than to order a few different cords from them, keep whichever ones you like, and return the rest to your local Sears.

I don't own any Brooks cords.

I do own a pair of JAB cords, but not the pair you mention. The one I do have is... okay. No better than that, but neither is it truly bad. A longer rise would've improved it.

As for color choice, the colors you mention sound reasonable. I also like having a pair of cords in some shade of red, and in a dark green. Maybe not as useful as a pair in brown, tan, or olive, but they get worn often enough that I find them to be worth owning.

FWIW, I dislike "corduroy jeans." I respect the merits of both narrow wale and wide wale. And I prefer cuffs (but then, I prefer almost all my pants to be cuffed).
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