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Ethics in Fashion

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I realise that the term is pretty much a marketing tool these days, along with such irrelevancies as "organic" and "handmade".

I want this thread to be a broad and open-minded topic where people can discuss ethics in fashion, but also a one-stop-shop for people who want to know how brand x producers its clothing. A sorta RFT thread dedicated to the ethics side of clothing. Therefore, a non-exhaustive list of topics to pursue could be:

- the lines between factory and sweatshop
- minimum wages, globalisation, politics
- cultural appropriation of design
- animal welfare
- consumer responsibility
etc etc.

So I'll start us off with a question:

do you consider the clothing you own to be ethical? in terms of the sheer amount? the way it has been produced? and the money you've spent on it?
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You've raised some very valid questions. Sadly, the truth is it is not feasible for a common man to know whether the clothing he is wearing has been produced in an unethical manner. I would like to draw your attention to Rana Plaza incident (2013).

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Is this a college assignment or homework?
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