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Louis dell'ollio

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What is your opinion of the quality of this brand. I am interested in their cashmere coats, but have never heard of them before I logged on to Overstock. thanks.
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Doesn't anyone know about this brand?
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haven't heard of it personally.
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^^Thanks. The price seems a lot for a no-name brand. I guess I'll look elsewhere.
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Reaching back here... When I was in high school, I guess, maybe early college, like late 90s, I did a significant amount of dress-clothes shopping at SYMS - I'm surprised I never see it mentioned here. It's a discount designer clothing store, no online presence, kind of in selection. One by me was in an old ice skating rink. Weird, fluorescent lighting. Sometimes some nice clothes, always had rl polo, burberry, aquascutum, lacoste... This was before I had even seen some of these makers retail. Took some hunting though, and always LOT of crap. Lots of suits/sportcoats in a lot of sizes, pretty cheap, but again, mostly crap. Anyway, that's the only place I remember seeing ol' Louis Dell Olio, and I remember thinking even then that it wasn't good stuff. I'd avoid as a rule, unless I saw it in person and it changed my mind. Stacy Adams' flash and about the same quality, as I remember.
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Louis Dell Olio was the designer for the womens company , Anne Klein. I have no idea who liscenced the name for mens wear. Sort of a an odd choice since he is not well known. I am surprised that they have put so much Money behind Michael Kors who is a big ol queen. Not the type of guy that most straight guys want to be seen in his clothes. I have no idea what the Kors line even looks like.
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The same Syms family which owned Sulka?
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Same Family. The syms family did an Ok job with Sulka. They maintained quality. It was When Neil fox was running the palce when things went to hell.
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