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Corneliani suit price

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I'm thinking of buying a Corneliani suit. The fabric is relatively thick and is made of mohair, wool, silk blend and looks quite nice. The fit is also quite good off the rack. But would appreciate your opinion on the price and quality of finishing.


It's being sold at 1,300 EUR (reduced from 2,400 EUR), and some seams have loose threads (nothing major and you can cut them, but for this kind of price and brand I was expecting more).


(1) Is it a reasonable price for a Corneliani suit?

(2) Can you expect to have loose threads with Corneliani suits or other suits in the same category / price range?



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I see a lot of Corneliani suits, and have a few. Their fully canvassed suits are great, and I really like the newer academy model. I think 1300 euro is fair, where are the loose treads? A few coming from the seams can be cut easily, just be sure it's not a torn or pulled fabric, which would look like a loose thread coming right out from the face of the fabric. That's a bigger problem.
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One was coming from the seam on the front lapel. Some were in pockets or at the other side of the lapel. As far as I can tell, the fabric was not damaged, just a lousy job / quality control, which surprised me given the price.

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